May 23, 2015

Sponsor Love: Trend on the Cheap


Looking for a way to try out the Oxford trend without spending a bundle? We recently spied this low-priced pair on SF Indie Fashion sponsor for $33.75.

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Sponsor Love: Creating Layered Looks



Living in San Francisco pretty much requires becoming an expert on strategic layering techniques. One minute, you’re in the sunny Mission enjoying a nice Mitchell’s ice cream cone. The next, you’re lost in a frigid fog-storm atop Twin Peaks or trying to hear what your friend is shouting at you over the high winds at Ocean Beach.

So it should come as no surprise that we were spent more than a few moments studying the Guide to Layering published on SF Indie Fashion sponsor site YesStyle this month. Clearly, you know your tops from your bottoms and accessories. But the simple combinations shown above gave us plenty of ideas for mixing pieces we already own to create looks similar to those shown above.

Really, when it comes down to it, the above images prove that layering pieces well is all about creating the right proportions for your shape.

You’ll find more YesStyle style tips here.

Sponsor Love: Glam Gams



When our legs are ready to go undercover, they’d happily don a disguise in shiny check, stripey knit or fashion-inspired word play leggings. Each pair shown here is at SF Indie Fashion sponsor during the end-of-season sale.

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Sponsor Love: Holiday Style with Sparkle

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–  Style collage by SF Indie Fashion contributor Kristina Wang