May 29, 2015

What the Hex: Vein & Baby Alpaca Jewelry

Field & Path Hex necklace, $80

Wigman necklace, $79

As part of Vein & Baby Alpaca's collaboration with HUNTER GATHERER, this necklace features porcupine quills, medicine vials, herbs and seeds, an antique locket, horsehair, a silver German brooch, gunmetal chain and feathers.

Should the everyday grind start feeling a little too everyday-ish and tiresome, Vein & Baby Alpaca Jewelry is here to add a touch of the otherworldly to your life with delicate, unisex pieces mixing obscure materials with mystical, poetic backstories.

Variously based in San Francisco and New York, the current line ($80-$320) is a collaboration between Vein founders Lynda Lucas and Genevieve Rainsberger and Baby Alpaca musician and designer Chris Kittrell. Their partnership, begun in 2010, has yielded spellbinding pieces created from such unusual materials as porcupine quills, medicine vials, herbs, seeds and horsehair.

Names like Silkworms & Spiderwebs, White Magic and Moonshine and product copy in the online shop that reads like abstract poetry may conjure thoughts of cauldrons and mysterious nights, but the overall look is far more modern hippie than witchy woman.

Want to see them for yourself? Check out Vein & Alpaca at this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair. You can also follow the label on Tumblr.

The Renegade Craft Fair will take place July 9-10 11 am- 7pm at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion.

Photographs Courtesy of: Vein & Baby Alpaca Jewerly, and Ryan Leitner