May 30, 2015

Spotted and Loved: Miz Mooz Francesca Boot



To say that we dig the Miz Mooz Francesca Boot available at Super Shoe Biz in the Upper Haight is a little like saying we tend to enjoy breathing on occasion (like, you know, every other Tuesday). It just doesn’t get the point across. Simple translation: we love these shoes.

If our feet were independent beings that went on vacation without us, we’re pretty sure we’d find them hanging out at the bottom of these boots designed by the New York-based company best known for its round-toed boots and pumps.

We love the strappy straps, the textured shaft (get your mind out of the gutter) and the wooden wedge heels, a detail that always leaves us smitten. And while we’re never ones to embrace the neutral side of life, the cream hue is one we’d happily don with any shade – and even use to pull off the black brown combos we’ve been oddly drawn to lately.

Suddenly, we find ourselves applauding the summer fog we know is just a few months off. We love a town where new boots just in time for summer sounds like a solid, practical shopping decision.