May 26, 2015

7 Stylish Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in San Francisco

With Earth Day coming up this Sunday, you may find yourself focused on the environmental impact of your fashion habit. Behind whatever’s hanging in our closets, there are fields of pesticide-laden cotton, river-draining amounts of water and tons of buckets of dyes and bleaches involved in producing so much of today’s apparel. So how can a stylish Bay Area-ite satisfy her fashion cravings? Here are seven ways:

  1. Shop vintage. Need an excuse to buy that one-of-a-kind piece you spotted last weekend? Done: buying vintage is good for the environment. (Reuse!) Head over to Fiat Lux in the Castro for a drool-worthy collection of never-been-worn deadstock designer sunglasses or hurry to Ver Unica in Hayes Valley for that perfect vintage party dress.The planet thanks you.
  2. Feed your shoe addiction with Melissa Shoes, plastic (yes – plastic) shoes imported from Brazil. The whimsical footwear is made from 100 percent recyclable materials. There are several stores in San Fran selling the line. Try Nida boutique in Hayes Valley or an Ambiance location.
  3. Drape yourself with eco-friendly hardware. Saving the planet and wearing a few sparklers aren’t mutually exclusive. Designers are using reclaimed materials to make inspired, original jewelry. I had trouble resisting Alkemie’s hedgehog ring at Dress in the Marina, while rhinestone lovers can find Claire Hummel’s fabulous creations at Belljar in the Mission.
  4. Buy some new underwear. But not just any underwear – a pair that will get you off your butt, onto a bike and into a greener mode of transportation! Locally-owned and manufactured Pedal Panties make riding your bike more comfortable, so your eco-friendly bum can “feel as good as you look.”
  5. Order eco-friendly. If Internet shopping is your game, here are a few more players for your roster. Amour Vert’s clothes won’t hurt the planet or your well-honed fashion reputation. If you’ve got money to burn, try Dosa for some of the prettiest hippie-chic clothes out there. They’re available via Polyvore. And watch out for an upcoming online store from my personal favorite, Dipped & Dyed.
  6. Indulge yourself in a local shopping spree. Make your way over to one of Berkeley designer Erica Tanov’s nearby boutiques for some charmingly luxe environmentally-friendly duds.
  7. Stop using Salvation Army as a dumpster. Did you know that up to 85% of what you drop off at Salvation Army will end up in overseas black markets or be turned into rags and insulation? Why not make some money off your old clothes at places like Crossroads Trading Co., Buffalo Exchange or a local consignment shop? Even better for the world: find a charitable program like Reuse and Cleanup Days in Contra Costa County that will find willing takers for anything you want to toss.

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