May 26, 2015

Earth with Edge: Sarah Swell Fall Collection

If you think earthy can’t be edgy, then you clearly haven’t met Sarah Swell. For fall, Oakland jewelry designer Sarah Greenberg has launched a collection where fossils, one-of-a-kind crystals and conflict-free diamonds mingle with chunky brass, bullet forms and mixed metals. The result: a striking balance of tough girl charm and sweet, starry-eyed appeal.

The collection ($117 and up) includes the perfect-for-stacking, hand-carved Ridgeback ring, bullet-shaped rings and necklaces and fossil pendants, available in a choice of metals (silver, brass and patina brass, among them) and with or without diamonds. If making a statement is on your list, one-of-a-kind Crystalline Slice rings featuring crystal from Uruguay or the silver Fishbone bracelet should do the trick, and then some.

Select fall pieces are available in Greenberg’s online shop, and you can more styles available online at The Marin Store or in person at San Francisco boutiques such as Collage Gallery in Potrero Hill and Gallery of Jewels on Union St.

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Phot0graphy courtesy of Sarah Greenberg

Interview with Sarah Greenberg of Sarah Swell Jewelry

image of Sarah GreenbergLike most people in the Bay Area, Sarah Greenberg, the owner of Sarah Swell Jewelry is a recent transplant. Sarah grew up in coastal New England, and attributes some of her inspirations to growing up back east. In Boston she attended the School of The Museum of Fine Arts where, on a whim she joined a silversmithing class. It was in class that something clicked – and a couple of years later she launched her own jewelry line (you can read more about Sarah on her website Sarah Swell Jewelery).

Sarah took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about her collection.

Style Bust: How did you get started creating your jewelry line?

I started selling jewelry first, and with my art background, I quickly ended up at the bench. I moved to the Bay Area to pursue an education in metal arts and fell in love! I worked for designer Sarah Graham before launching my own line in 2008.

Style Bust: What three words would you use to describe your current collection?

handcrafted, treasures, organic

Style Bust: sounds about right.

Style Bust: What inspired you most in your designs of this collection?

My current collection is a sort of a mash-up of my time spent in New England with all of the history and nature that surrounded, and my life now as an urban fashion loving culture-junkie. Somehow, it works! For me, it’s all about place.

Style Bust: What makes your designs different or unique?

I always make the point to go the extra mile when designing my pieces. I handcraft all of my earwires, make all of my own hinges and catches, and add unique details like a toggle clasp that connects to the end of a key. I try to make fine fashion jewelry that is accessible.

Style Bust: Wow, I know there aren’t many jewelry designers out there still making their own earwires, hinges or catches…impressive.

image of sarah swell worrystone_ringstackimage of sarah swell concrete cuffs

image of sarah swell 14k_weatheredlocket

image of sarah swell fotsam and jetsam necklace

image of sarah swell flotsam_jetsam_hoops

image of Sarah Swell Jewelry

Style Bust: What big trends are you seeing in Jewelry for the upcoming fashion seasons?

I predict we will see a return to the importance of craftsmanship. I feel that more is no longer more. Quality and design will become most important. Trend-wise, we’ll see interesting materials being used, lots of layering, big hoops, colored gold, and more designers “greening” their collections.

Style Bust: How do you suggest shoppers go about finding good quality jewelry?

Buy hand-made! So much jewelry is manufactured in enormous quantities. If you buy from an artisan (or boutique that sells artisan jewelry) you’re undoubtedly getting a product that is more special and has been paid attention to. Also, don’t forget about comfort and practicality when shopping! Of course jewelry has to look great, but I also make sure all of my earrings are lightweight, clasps are easy to open, and the pieces are very wearable in general.

Style Bust: What do you see in the future for your collection, are there any new directions you’ll be headed in?

Living in a city that has a gritty feel has been really fueling my creativity lately. I love the unexpected beauty I find in textures and shapes when I’m exploring. From the industrial waterfront and abandoned warehouses to modern skyscrapers-it’s like a link between days gone by and our modern world-I love it. This new found love for the urban environment will be reflected in my upcoming collections. I also just purchased a little 1920′s art-deco bungalow, and I’m quickly becoming obsessed with this time period.

Style Bust: Congrats on the bungalow!

Style Bust: Where can readers find your jewelry?

Visit to purchase or find a list or retailers.

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