May 27, 2015

Snap Judgment: Daughters of Simone Lola Custom Lace Wedding Gown

Our very-visual, (almost) chatter-free snap judgment of the day: Here comes the bride, all decked in lace thanks the custom-order Lola gown, $1,100, by San Francisco’s Daughters of Simone. Part of the label’s latest Vintage Inspired collection, the floor length crochet lace dress delivers retro style with a modern cut and can be customized to your liking.

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Party Seen: SF Fashion + Tech’s French Technique

SF Fashion+Tech gave us a reason to celebrate the fashion capital’s independence. In honor of Bastille Day, designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and media gurus gathered in SoMa for some mixing and mingling, a Paris-inspired fashion show featuring the eco-friendly apparel of Palo Alto label Amour Vert and displays from Bay Area companies such as ModeWalk and LIFT by Yappo.

Below some images from the festivities. You’ll find more on our Facebook page.

A fashion show by Amour Vert capped off the evening.

From the Amour Vert fashion show

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Photography by Jennymay Villarete

San Francisco Style Spotlight: Ellie Clark


Ellie's can't-miss-it look relies on bold accessories mixed with neutral black.


Ellie's must-read newspaper nails. Photo by Ellie Clark.


Sheer sleeves and an open neckline show off Ellie's ink.

Spotted: Photography student Ellie Clark, taking her 15-minute break from work in the Lower Haight.

What are you wearing tonight? Jeff Campbell black Lita’s, Motel Pierced Dress in black, Triangle plumped vintage doorknocker earrings.

How long have you lived in the city? I’m an SF native, 21 years in San Francisco.

Where did you get your tattoos done? Spider Murphy’s in San Rafael, Marin County. Paul Anthony Dobleman did them. He’s a beast. This parlor is known worldwide for its traditional style.

What about your hair? I usually let my friends do my hair. Once in a while at Aveda SF. I hair model for their hair tests at beauty school.

For better/for worse what has changed in San Francisco while you’ve lived here? The gentrification. Every neighborhood has lost its spunk. Most of my friends’ families that have lived here forever have to move to the East Bay because the rent has spiked so much.

I don’t want to have to choose crime vs. yuppies and bros. Fix the parks and the neighborhoods that need fixing, but don’t kick the neighborhood out. SF needs its natives.

I don’t like visiting the Mission and not having to order my food in Spanish. The difference between Mission Street and Valencia Street is uncanny. Where the fuck did all these bike and antique shops come from?

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Photography by Sara Iravani

Bohemian Beauty: Nieves Rathbun’s By Nieves Line

Growing up in a nomadic lifestyle led by parents who traveled across the West using pack donkeys laid the groundwork for Nieves Rathbun‘s organic body care line, By Nieves. Exposure to alternative remedies through her travels and exploration from a young age, she went on to combine her knowledge into a line of products for the face, body and hair. Read on to discover more about this Oakland expert in naturally-crafted beauty.

A young Neives Rathbun in Sheridan, Oregon, 1980

Another shot of Nieves as a young girl

Nieves and her donkey Betsy.

Behind the scenes of By Nieves products.

Today Nieves produces her By Nieves body and skincare line by hand using natural ingredients. (Photo: Gwen Harlow)

How did growing up with such a unique lifestyle influence your decision to get into skincare and body products? Growing up in the wilderness and in the counterculture instilled a sense of interdependence and an awareness of immediate consequence. It’s hard to ignore nature when you’re surrounded by it. I think this leads to a feeling of responsibility and makes me question how a product or ingredient is made and what does it affect after we wash it down the drain. Then as a career choice, even though I’m attracted to herbal medicine and nutrition, I’m enamored with glamorous fancy things so I gravitated to skincare and perfuming.

After being in the skincare industry for a while, I started wondering there weren’t more simple and lovely products out there and thought why doesn’t some one just put together this and this and that it would be so great? So I mixed up some things, loved them and the rest is history (in the making).

Tell us a little about your childhood. How were you able to travel and move around so much? I was raised by my father, who is an intellectual hippie that renounced materialism to a large degree. We were able to survive on very modest means, which meant he didn’t have to actually make a lot of money. When he did, it was mostly with forestry work, tree planting, trail maintenance and stuff like that.

What makes By Nieves skincare differ from other skin care lines? I only use very natural ingredients…that’s why you don’t see any lotions, serums or cleansers that would require emulsifiers, surfactants and preservatives. I think what sets By Nieves apart is that I use simple recognizable, effective ingredients and I serve them up with sassy sincerity and classic packaging. Honestly, I’m not the only one doing this and that’s great. I’d love it if there were lots and lots of successful artisan skincare companies rather than just a few huge companies (oops my hippie roots are showing!)

What are your most popular products? I developed each of my five products to fill a particular need in my routine, so I can’t live without any of them. But if I had to choose one, it’d be the C Perfect Skin…I play around with other products sometimes (‘cuz I love skincare stuff), but nothing quite does it for me like the good old C Perfect Skin. Oh and it is the number one seller, too.

After such extensive travels, where did you decide to settle down? I’m located in Oakland on what some people call the Oakland Riviera, a funky little artist enclave on 5th Ave. I’m in the process of moving some of my business to Petrolia, California on the Lost Coast.  My husband grew up there, and it’s time to help his aging mama and let our boy Jasper run wild in the hills. I’ve been longing to get back to the woods…back to my remote country roots. I will maintain an Oakland office and continue to produce some products here. I will continue to spend plenty of time in the Bay Area to do events, stay in touch with clients and  keep my finger on the pulse of the big City life.

Where can we find By Nieves products? You can find By Nieves at a bunch of awesome independent boutiques in the Bay Area and you can order online at

Photos courtesy of Nieves Rathbun

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SF Street Style: Dip-Dyes, Brights & Prints

Spring and early summer trends generally consist of floral, prints and bright colors being expunged from the back of our closets after the dreary days of winter. This season we’ve seen an explosion of pastels, a nostalgic return of Hawaiian prints and gradient dressing (i.e. wearing two different color blues in one outfit, or dip-dyed denims), to name a few. We spotted several San Franciscans strutting around town in this season’s brights, dip-dyes and prints:

Christina Pacelli wears an American Apparel bodysuit (underneath) & sheer black top, Rachel Roy shirt, Urban Outfitters shoes, and Marc by Marc Jacobs purse.

Spring Trend: Christina looks stunning in a 1920′s-inspired look. A drop waist skirt or pleating hint at the roaring era, and Christina’s skirt has both. A bright bag and lots of texture balance out the black.

Brad Thornton wears Old Navy polo shirt, Marni for H&M shorts, Polo by Ralph Lauren watch, sunglasses he picked up at a souvenir shop and L.A.M.B. shoes.

Spring Trend: Brad is busy coloring blocking in Golden Gate park. This stylish guy caught our eye with his bright yellow shorts.

Ines Almeida Alves wears Zara T-shirt, Forever 21 shorts, Zara boots, Mulberry satchel and Bimba & Lola sunglasses.

Spring Trend: Gradient dressing. Ines’s ultra-casual look includes two different hues of pink and shorts that incorporate a timeless San Francisco classic – tie dye.

Photography by Sara Iravani