May 28, 2015

Jewelry Sale at Conifer

Through Nov. 5, Cow Hollow boutique Conifer is offering 30 percent off its collection of jewelry by independent designers such as Wendy Nichol, Katie Diamond, Wendy Mink, Ishi and DLC Brooklyn.

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Benny Gold End-of-Season Sale

The Benny Gold End-of-Season Sale only happens twice a year (the San Francisco label doesn’t mess with sale after sale after deal after promo), so now’s the time to buy if you’re looking for the skater brand’s shirts, hats and accessories on the cheap.

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Alyssa Nicole Launches Accessories

Lime Green Turban from Alyssa Nicole.

If you’re searching for locally-made accessories under $10 this summer, look no further than the Alyssa Nicole online boutique from 19-year-old designer Alyssa Casares. From her new accessories line, you can score a tough-girl-goes-handmade copper agate ring or a lime green turban perfect for sidestepping the burdens of unruly locks for a cool $9.99.

Along with her debut accessory line, the label also offers affordable clothing and bridal wear with cute and flirty silhouettes fitting for the fickle summertime weather in the Bay Area.

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San Francisco Shopping Deals March 18-20

Inside the new Sean location on Union Street

Deals! Always got my eye on local deals. This week, I actually shopped one of the sales (I don’t always…if I did, I’d obviously have some serious financial problems). The one I hit up? Cary Lane, for the two-for-one shoe sale. The only thing I’m a sample size in is shoes (i.e. 6-7), so whenever there’s a sample size shoe sale, I am there. Picked up two pairs, one practical (black wedge) and one not-so-practical (red animal print, oh yeah).

See the weekly deals post I put together for 7× for the details on that sale and many others happening in San Francisco this weekend:

What’s the Deal: Revelation by ME, Sean, Benny Gold + More

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Deal with This: 50 Percent off Retro Fit Vintage

We love Scoutmob. Not only do they offer great deals in this crowded sea of group-buying sites, but they’re all free. We also love Retro Fit, a favorite destination for vintage apparel, custom t-shirts and drag-a-licious accessories. Yup, all three in one place. Lucky for us, today Scoutmob is offering 50% off at Retro Fit – and it’s totally free.

More on Retro Fit

No one really knows when the next Big One is going to hit, but what most agree on is the fact we’re overdue. You can’t live in earthquake country and not be prepared for the ground to start rocking and rolling at any minute. SF was more than a little underprepared in 1906, and 1989’s quake caused a 10 day delay in a major sporting event. Since then, the city’s been doing its best to safe guard itself by retrofitting old buildings to make them strong enough to resist the next earthquake. Retro Fit, which, for the past 15 years, has been within a one block radius of its current location on 20th and Valencia, is like the structural transformation the buildings undergo, only for “your look, your day, your life, your world.”

Scout Notes: Owner Steven LeMay has as much flair and attitude as the costumes hanging on Retro Fit’s racks. If you head to the back of the store, you can glimpse the gloriousness of Steven’s dress during his appearance on Season 5 of Project Runway, when the designers were challenged to make an outfit for a drag queen. And it’s no wonder Steven was chosen to model the dress for the popular TV show, because this man has sass and pizazz. Retro Fit is the type of store you come to not just for a shopping trip, but for an experience, and Steven will gladly be your host. With over 25 years in vintage buying and styling experience, Steven knows how to guide his customers to choices that will give them a “happy sense of confidence.”

Your happiness may come from perusing the vintage racks for pieces from the 40’s to 60’s with occasional 70’s and 80’s wear, although those pieces tend to sell out very quickly. Or it may come from creating a custom t-shirt at the t-shirt bar where you can choose from over 1,000 pre-designed images, or your own design or photo, to have ironed on to a high quality American Apparel shirt. If a complete retro fit is what you’re after, Steven can hook you up at the beauty counter where you can morph into another person with a platinum blonde wig, lush eyelashes and heavy duty, make me into a beauty, Kryolan makeup. There’s even male beauty accessories in the form of faux mustaches and beards.

Regardless of when the next quake hits, Retro Fit will help make sure your style holds up against the even the strongest rumblings.

Expires: 06/09/2011
$40 max discount.
Can’t combine offers. Excludes L.A.M.B. items.


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