May 30, 2015

Fur-Out: Fur Hair Extensions

The author receiving her fur-out new hair accessory

I walked into X*  with a black and white feather hair extension, a trend that has swept San Francisco and has been responsible for many compliments sent my way. But I was ready to take the next step in wild hair embellishments and try something new: fur.

For that, I met with Hair Stylist Y**, who alone is bringing fur extensions ($15 for two pieces) onto the local hair scene. When I arrived at the salon, Y sat me down in her black leather chair and opened a case filled with hair goodies such as feathers, gems and, of course, the fur, which is the same chinchilla rabbit used to make fishing flies.

“Everyone loves it. I open this box and everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god!’” says Y.

And it’s no wonder, as the case is filled with a wide selection of colors, from neutral browns and grays for a more conservative adornment to purple and olive for the Burning Man-bound wild child.

If you feel overwhelmed by the selection, like I did, Y will place several options in your hair and throw in her feedback. I opted for the neutral brown with dark horizontal stripes, and Y whipped out her tools.

The pain-free process involves Y taking a strand of hair located above the neckline and pulling it and the fur through two circular beads and next clamps. It’s all done in a matter of 15 minutes or less.

Ever since, the fur has survived hot showers, blow drys, brushing and even a cut and color appointment. And according to Y, the fur can be curled and flat-ironed and should last about a month on average. For me, managing the fur has been so minimal that I even forget it’s there…until of course that inevitable compliment is again sent my way.

Fur extensions in a variety of colors

* and ** Editor’s Note: The SF Indie Fashion editorial team has removed identifying information for the salon and its stylist due to threats made against the business. The salon has since stopped offering the service. While it is against our editorial policy to remove content after publication, this post has been amended due to safety concerns for those originally mentioned in the post. Comments for this post have also been closed, and others that originally appeared have been removed due to their inappropriate content. We hope that SF Indie Fashion’s loyal readers understand our decision. We do not condone threats made against others for any reason and hope those who disagree with content on this site can find a more constructive method for communicating their views in the future.


Full disclosure: extensions were gifted to us for use in this post. Though we don’t think that biases our judgment, we think it’s only good, fair reporting to let you know.