May 29, 2015

We’ve Got the Blues: Kent Denim

Nor-Cal denim brand Kent Denim has just released its summer campaign, and we’ve got a first look at the images. Dubbed Bike Messengers of the Serengeti, the theme for the latest Kent Denim apparel shoot embraces the idea of functional urban apparel with an adventurous spirit.

And these days that’s exactly what you’ll find coming from the menswear line, best known for its raw denim men’s jeans. The photos shown here may have been inspired in part by the wilds of Africa, but designer Noah Landis says his point of view begins and ends with the City by the Bay.

“Every time I do a new collection, I am constantly influenced by San Francisco. It’s a designer’s dream city,” he tells us.

Landis, an alum of both the Academy of Art and Gap Inc., launched the line in 2008 after making jeans for friends as a hobby. Since then, the line has expanded from jeans to include shirts and denim shorts.

Another perk for those who like to know where their clothing comes from? Not only are the company’s jeans made in the USA, but the source of the denim, the Cone Mills historic White Oak plant, is even identified on every pair’s tag.

“I put a lot of work into making sure that everything is sourced domestically,” says Landis.

Want to pull on a pair? In San Francisco, you’ll find limited edition deadstock pieces at Free Gold Watch and classic styles at The Blues Jean Bar.

Photography courtesy of Daniel Laukat for Kent Denim. Model: Johan Claude-Zaroli.

RSVP Me: Nudie Jeans Pop-Up Shop


Back in the day, it was impolite to go anywhere without properly sending an RSVP in advance. Times have changed, but there are still enticing reasons to mind your manners. Take, for example, the Nudie Jeans Pop-Up Shop taking place tonight at Azalea Boutique in Hayes Valley. An RSVP not only guarantees you smooth entry at the door for the after-hours event, but it also puts your oh-sospecial name in a drawing for one of two pairs of Nudie Jeans that will be given away during the launch party.

Other reasons to go? It’s the first pop-up shop on the West Coast from the denim brand. And there’s free booze (vodka and PBRs). We’d recommend chasing the former with the latter. You’ll have a real good night. Promise.

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