May 27, 2015

Tried & True: Heliotrope Frankincense & Rose Geranium Oil Serum

Frankincense & Rose Geranium Oil Serum, $32, by Heliotrope

When we heard from Heliotrope owner Jonathan Plotzker that the Noe Valley shop’s Frankincense & Rose Geranium Oil Serum was its top seller last month, we were understandably intrigued. After all, it’s technically winter, and even though we may not be braving intense wind chills, it’s still a time of year when many a face could use an added dose of moisture.

If a rich, long-lasting moisturizer made by with essential oils and botanical extracts by a local company sounds appealing, this may be the winter skin rescue you’ve been looking for. Rich in antioxidants, the non-comedogenic serum is designed to be suitable for everyday use by all skin types. Worried about slathering an oil-based product on your face? Don’t, says Plotzker.

“Although some people are afraid of oils, all a regular moisturizer is is oil that’s an emulsion and water. So what this does is it skips all those emulsifiers. So when people are afraid of oil, I tell them they’re already using oil…as long as it’s natural and vegetable-based, it won’t clog your pores,” he explains.

We tested it out over the course of a week and with each application were drawn in by its appealing day-at-the-spa scent, one we found to be intensely herbal in a pleasant way and appropriate for both men and women (not the easiest thing to pull off). It successfully kept our skin moisturized for hours after it was applied.

While the serum is recommended even for everyday use, we think its richness makes it an especially worthy counterpart to a lightweight daily face lotion with sunscreen when extra hydration is needed. For example, we’d imagine craving this stuff after a day on the hill in Tahoe, after a long flight or post-shaving (for the boys reading this).

For more on Heliotrope, check out our previous coverage.

Full disclosure (because we luv you, FCC and also like being honest): a product sample was provided for use in this post. Tried & True is part of a regular series on SF Indie Fashion. Know a great, locally-made product you’d like suggest? Be in touch.

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