May 30, 2015

Runway Recap: Fashion Feud Finals

The final round of this year’s Fashion Feud took place at Rickshaw Stop on Tuesday night.  Many familiar faces were among those packing the full house, including designers, photographers, bloggers, stylists, hair and make-up artists and San Francisco fashion enthusiasts.

The three finalists – Crystal Hermann, Krysztina Lazar, and Sally Marie Hahn – were joined by the always-lovely models Shelby, Monica and Faith for the competition. With only one hour to design and create an outfit, the atmosphere was intense. In the end, judges Joseph Domingo, Zoe Hong and John Robblee could only give the Fashion Feud title to one well-deserving designer. Congratulations to Crystal Hermann for taking home the victory!

Below, images from the final style showdown:

Crystal Hermann races against the clock.

A full house at Rickshaw Stop

Fans pose for the camera.

The models wait for their dresses.

The judging begins.

Joseph Domingo takes stock of the dresses by (l-r) Crystal Herman, Krysztina Lazar and Sally Marie Hahn.

Dress by (l-r) Crystal Herman, Krysztina Lazar and Sally Marie Hahn

Crystal Hermann (center, back row) celebrates her victory with her fans.

Photography by Christophe Tomatis

Runway Recap: Fashion Feud Round 3

The style saga continued on Tuesday night with another installment of Fashion Feud.  This time, designers Sallie Marie Hahn and Lori Dawn were given one yard of bright orange geometric fabric and one hour to create two distinct frocks.

The Williams sisters (not of tennis fame) modeled for the evening, and the judges panel consisted of Lauren Hyde Crafford and Zoe Brock. In the end, Sally Marie Hahn’s design took the win, and she will compete again in the final round on April 12th at Rickshaw Stop.

The feud begins

The fabric

The paparazzi

Zoe Brock pumps up the crowd.

Sally Marie Hahn smiles for the camera.

Stephanie Williams gets fitted.

Zoe Brock speaks to the crowd.

Free hairstyling for the guests was an added attraction.

The judging begins.

The models pose for the crowd.

Arielle Williams poses for the crowd.

Stephanie Williams celebrates victory.

Stephanie Williams and Sally Marie Hahn pose for a victory photo.

Lori Dawn, Arielle Williams, Stephanie Williams and Sally Marie Hahn

Photography courtesy of Christophe Tomatis

Runway Recap: Fashion Feud II, Round Two

Fashion Feud contestants (pictured top) Krisztina Lazar (L) and Chrystine Druge (R)

Local designers Krisztina Lazar and Chrystine Druge battled head to head last week at Rickshaw Stop for the second round of San Francisco’s Project Runway-flavored Fashion Feud, presented in collaboration with the San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance and With one hour and fabric provided by New York City’s Mood, Lazar and Druge each turned out one garment for judges Adelle McElveen from The Fashionista Lab and Laura Robblee from Alley Collection SF.

For this round’s competition, Lazar told the crowd she was planning to design something, “artsy, film noir, dramatic and drapey,” before creating a dramatic halter-top dress with a ruffled cascading skirt and plunging back.

Druge, who told the audience her plan was to “go with it,” did clean and contemporary separates with a polka dot halter and black pencil mini, detailed with a bow trim in the back.

Both judges were a fan of Lazar’s halter dress with plunging back.

“A party in the back is always a good thing,” Robblee noted.

Robblee also remarked on the nice fit of Druge’s pencil skirt and the detailing with the bow in the back. Robblee praised Lazar for taking a risk with the ruffle trim on her dress, and said it worked well. McElveen paid respect to Druge for doing separates, and praised Lazar for the lightness of the ruffle trim on her dress.

The ultimate winner in the end was Kristina Lazar and her halter top dress. She’ll go on to compete in the final round on April12. Check out SF Indie Fashion’s previous coverage of  Fashion Feud Round One.

Photos from Fashion Feud’s Round Two:

Final designs by Chrystine Druge (L) and Krisztina Lazar (R)

Fashion Feud, Round Two winner Krisztina Lazar

Photography courtesy of Christophe Tomatis

Runway Recap: Fashion Feud II, Round One

Last week’s round one of Fashion Feud at Rickshaw Stop was a battle between designers Crystal Hermann and Mary Yanez. If you’re not familiar with this event, think of it as a cross between Project Runway and Iron Chef.

Contestants have one hour to design and create an outfit using a surprise fabric given out at the last moment. Each designer is paired with a model (Caitlyn McClennan  and Jenn Lazorack) and hair and make-up artists. Two more elimination rounds are on the horizon this year, and the winners of each round will head to a final showdown on April 12.

Two guest judges plus an audience vote (through an iPhone or Droid application, so bring those smartphones) decide the winner. This time, judges Maggie Alhadeff of Mimosas in Bed and Stacy Lee of Sex + Design were on the scene, and ultimately Crystal Hermann and her her bold diamond cutout dress were crowned victorious. Although the wait during the design period could have used a little more entertainment for the audience, the event proved to be an entertaining and fun evening. Ready for the next round? Save the date for February 8, when the competition returns to Rickshaw Stop.

Crystal Hermann (left) and Mary Yanez receive surprise fabric.

Hermann (top) and Yanez sew like mad to create looks in one hour. Below, Jenn Lazorack wears a creation by Mary Yanez (bottom left), and Caitlyn McClennan models Crystal Hermann's dress.

Yanez (left) sews. Jenn Lazorack shows off the front of the dress by Yanez.

Hermann's dress features a bold cutout over the chest.

In the end, Hermann's drapey cutout dress won out over the cinched waist and plunging v-neck of the dress by Yanez.