May 28, 2015

Join Me at Fashion Blogging 101

In just under two weeks, I’ll be leading a Fashion Blogging 101 workshop at San Francisco’s Renaissance Center for Entrepreneurship. If you’re interested in learning more about the many ways fashion blogging may benefit your business, fashion label or just enhance your otherwise stylish existence, please come join me for the evening.

Other than learning about fashion blogging, the workshop will be a chance to network with other local fashion business owners and entrepreneurs.

While much of the workshop will focus on fashion blogging, other topics that will be touched upon include reaching the media, social media and marketing your brand in general – all things that dovetail with fashion blogging.

Hope to see you there!

Fashion News: SIGG Bottle Exchange, Mission Hipsters, Good Stuff for Indie Designers and More…

dunderdon-jacketWe finally returned our scary BPA-laden SIGG bottle to the manufacturer for a safe, non-toxic replacement. Want to do the same? Here are the details on the Sigg Bottle Exchange Program. In other news….

So you think you can spot a Mission hipster? Really, all we truly know about them is that no one will publicly admit to being one. In our ongoing thirst for knowledge, we learned a little more about the breed this week thanks to two intrepid reporters willing to brave the wilds of Dolores Park.

Know any high school students with fashion career aspirations? Tell them about the Art Institute’s Passion for Fashion Competition. It’s a chance to win tuition, a trip to New York Fashion Week and a gig blogging for Seventeen magazine.

Or perhaps you’re an emerging designer who’s decidedly past high school, but still looking for a career kick in the pants. Try the Start Your Own Fashion Business course gearing up next week at the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center.

Indie designers in need of a shorter, but still-inspiring day of fashion education will find just the thing in the upcoming Indie Designers Day Camp.

We love it when people send us cool ideas and keep us up-to-date on their news, but we must join the “how not to pitch a blog” chorus started over at Season Five.

So glad to hear that Rose and Radish has re-opened in a new location.

Not sure how much we care, but for anyone that does, SFLuxe has the lowdown on who wore what to last week’s hoity toity soirees.

Pixel Vision goes behind the scenes to the new Paul’s Hat Works, and we happily follow.

We’re always looking for good, fairly label-free basics for the boys in our lives, so we were puh-leased as punch to find new arrivals from Swedish label Dunderdon landing at Rare Device.

You’ve seen Valentino: The Last Emperor. Here’s your chance to score your own Valentino dress.

We remain excited about this weekend’s opening of Workshop, a creative space from the folks behind Indie Mart.

Check out the new houndstooth accessories from HomeRoom Clothing.

VAGADU will be the first San Francisco label to showcase local fashion at the W Hotel’s new Dish on Fashion event series, which launches this Thursday.

For more upcoming independent fashion happenings in the Bay Area, mosey on over to the SF Indie Fashion Calendar….