May 28, 2015

Picture Perfect at Provocateur Media Launch Party

Last Wednesday’s launch party for the uber fabulous Provacateur Media was a lot more fun than I expected. You hear media launch, you think certain things. Thoughts that came to mind were boring publicists in over sized suits and hair from 1993. Such was not the case for the debut of Rena Ramirez’s stylish PR firm that aims to spread a lavish and lovely lifestyle to we San Franciscans. Thank goodness the party was nothing like I expected it to be. I told my boyfriend to wear jeans and his Chuck Taylors. A mis-assumption when there were dozens of dudes (hot) wearing fitted black suits. One in particular with a black tie sprinkled with white bubbles down the front. I think he had more product in his hair than I did after the Evolution Fashion Show last July. hmm, still cute none the less. Especially while we were all popping an enormous bottle of Champagne and toasting to a wonderful future for the style mavens of northern California. I for one can’t wait to see what Rena has up her sleeve.

This post was originally published on Modelina Michelle; Photos top to bottom:  Rena Ramirez and Michelle Ruiz; Photos taken by Andrea Rowe Photography