May 23, 2015

Print Wars: Local Label’s Design Stolen by Fast-Fashion Giant?

Independent, eco-friendly label Feral Childe, the progeny of Oakland’s Alice Wu and Brooklyn’s Moriah Carlson, has been making headlines of late, thanks to a Forever21 print that looks suspiciously similar to one of its original works, and this week, launched a campaign against the fashion chain on the label’s behalf.

At issue is Feral Childe’s Teepee print and its resemblance to one launched this year by Forever21.

Feral Childe's Teepee print

Forever21 print

Launched by Brooklyn designer Eliza Starbuck, the campaign is hoping its online petition and related outreach efforts will convince Forever21 to remove apparel bearing the print from its stores and compensate the designers.

It’s not the first time Forever21 has been accused of getting a little too “inspired” by a designer’s work. You’ll find a hefty amount of background in this Business Week story from earlier this year.

Other recent online campaigns launched via and aimed at the fashion industry have successfully helped to pressure labels such as Versace against sandblasting denim, a process that’s been described as harmful to garment workers.

For their part, Carlson and Wu have reportedly filed suit against Forever21 over the matter.

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