May 28, 2015

Bee Season: Why I love Rebecca Beeson’s Circle Scarf

While visiting  the lovely Rebecca Beeson at her sunny SOMA studio a few weeks ago, I discovered her latest and most adorable creation; the circle scarf. Made out of excess fabrics usually donated or scrapped, these scarves are both colorful and super soft. I just want to curl up in mine all the time, especially with my new boyfriend next to me. Ok I’m sorry I’ll shut up about him, but he  makes me feel pretty even all wrapped up in a light green scarf and yoga clothes. It could be he who makes me feel pretty or maybe it’s the scarf.  To get your own, visit Rebecca Beeson online and send her an email. Did I mention they come in a myriad of colors? Weeeeeee!

Thank you Doug for taking this photo, and more importantly for always believing in me.

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Scarf by Rebecca Beeson, $10; Photo by Doug Birnbaum; Modeled by Michelle Ruiz

So Hot It’s Cold: Little Black Dresses Worth Freezing for This Winter

It’s cold outside so what makes the most sense to do? Wear a little dress worth freezing in. I don’t care if it’s cold and you want to bundle up, this is the best time of year to find a cute coat, wear some heels and drink some brandy. Especially in one of these little numbers. Personally I’ve experienced walking into a room and seeing a girl wear the exact same black and pink BEBE dress (this was before I had an eye for style) and I wanted to go back home and change. It was too late. My only option? Seek out local Sf dress designers and feel special when I’m the only girl at the party brave enough to bear the cold. Mention this post for $50 off your holiday dress by Ashton Miyako.

Dresses by Ashton Miyako; Photos By Nican Robinson; Models Michelle Ruiz + Audra West

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Look See: More Fall 2010 From Danielle Pettee

If you missed Danielle Pettees’ show at  Ruby Skye this past weekend, you like me must see these photos. Most recently, I snagged one for a photo shoot for my forth coming book and never felt prettier than I did in one off Pettee’s neo-retro floral dresses. See above and bellow for glimpse, and if you feel so inclined I’m sure Danielle would love to make you one for yourself.

Backstage at Ruby Skye by Enrique Avilés

Dresses by Danielle Pettee; Photos by Alejandro Restrepo and Enrique Avilés;

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Spring is in the Air: Meet Lorian Lindsay

She’s pronounced Lori- Anne not Lor-rain or any thing else you can think of, and her new spring collection is adorable. Having met Lorian Lindsay myself, I can tell you her new spring 2011 collection emulates her chic sophistication and attention to retro femininity while still being fresh and  hip. Above are my favorite looks from her spring 2011 lookbook. Dying for your own little piece of Lorian Lindsay? Buy her pieces online or at  Dahlia, Duke et Duchess, Wonderland and 440 BRANNAN.

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Designs by Lorian Lindsay; Publicist, Rena Ramirez; Photos by Bob Hsiang; Styling by Kelly Pentecost + Michelle Ruiz;  Hair + Make-up Veronica Sjoen; Models, Sanela Inajetovic, Jenna Fuchser

Mission Vintage: Dressed to Trespass in Anya Zuyeva

Rules were meant to be broken. The day was ending,  Mission Dolores was empty in the late afternoon sun, and I was dressed in Anya Zuyeva. A not so interesting tale of a girl in a white dress wandering around the mission accompanied with vintage jewelry collector Sasha of  Sasha Maks Vintage, turns rebellious when we decided to sneak up some steps inside the cathedral. It wasn’t allowed but we didn’t care.  So often a white dress isn’t allowed so many things. To be worn after labor day, to be paired with Chuck Taylors, to frolic in cemeteries or climb up staircases that are roped off. Somehow adorned in a myriad of vintage jewelry pieces, this white dress didn’t feel so innocent after all. Want your own? Anya tells me she has one just for you.

Dress by Anya Zuyeva; Jewelry by Sasha Maks Vintage; Photos by Kosho; Model, Michelle Ruiz.

Get the jewelry worn in this post here: 1st and 2nd pic Chanel Lavish Hoop Earrings, Christian Dior Bold Necklace 1980sBrassTasseled Necklace 1940s; 3rd pic same two necklaces plus Trifari Pendant Tassel Necklace,1960s; 4th & 5th pic Hobe Studio Style Necklace 1970sChic Link Necklace 1960/70s, Givenchy Bangle 1980s, the other bracelets are not listed.

This article originally appeared on Modelina Michelle