May 26, 2015

Party Seen: Pretty Pretty Collective’s Mira Mira Fashion Show

The runway at Pretty Pretty Collective

Last Thursday style-crazed bloggers and fashionistas flocked to Pretty Pretty Collective Salon and Art Gallery for the much-talked-about debut of the new look book  from Mission boutique Mira Mira. Together with PPC’s Georgia Rew, Mira Mira’s Mira Pickett threw a killer runway party featuring local style bloggers as models to celebrate her shop’s latest looks for fall.

Mira Pickett (left) and Georgia Rew

The dynamic duo, who have created quite the buzz on 22nd Street of late, worked with the rest of the PPC Productions crew to transform the venue into a style-heavy space complete with luminous light installations by Aleksandra Zee and a runway flanked by two rows of numbered seats, each with festive gift bag stuffed with goodies.

Guests Amber of Amber's Notebook, Natalie of Like Fresh laundry, media gal Joanna Reidl, Kristen of Stylenik, and Katie of Refinery29 strike a pose for the camera

As guests awaited the lookbook presentation, they ventured to the bar in back of the room for a silver bowl brimming with champagne cocktails and a spread of Sea Bells mini cupcakes. After quenching their thirst, snapping photos and catching up with friends, guests took their seats as the models in an upstairs dressing room dealt slipped into their first runway look.

A model wearing the first lookbook look.

The fashion show featured 15 looks ranging from feminine to romantic, bold, bohemian and vintage-inspired. Designs by To Be Adored, Annabelle, Mink Pink, Clover Canyon, Audrey 3+1 and Shakuhachi made their way down the runway modeled by a few of San Francisco’s favorite style bloggers: Blair of  Atlantic Pacific, Jennie of Going West, Laura of On the Racks.

Laura of On the Racks strikes a pose at the end of the runway

Jennie of Going West works a killer red coat on the runway

Blair of Atlantic Pacific wears a romantic blouse by to be adored

After the runway show wrapped, the models slipped out of their runway looks to join the party. We grabbed the host herself for a quick Q&A.

When asked what kind of woman shops at Mira Mira, Pickett said, ” Women who love fashion and like to have fun with it and take risks.”

What sets her store apart from the rest? Mira says, “I try to carry unique styles that aren’t available all over SF at affordable price-points.”

Not only does the Mira Mira girl love fashion, but she loves a girls night, which Mira holds once a month at her the boutique.

Blair and Jennie post-show.

Laura post-show

A glowing Mira

As the party began to wind down and it was time to close up shop, the crowd switched it up and scooted next door to the Latin America Club to continue the celebration with pinatas and a few rounds of round of ice-cold brews.

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Photography courtesy of SF Indie Fashion (1, 3, 8, 9, 10) and Mira Mira

First-Ever Sale: Mira Mira

To the Letter: Dear Mina Jewelry

A love letter to bold, earthy statement necklaces is just what you’ll find from up-and-coming local jewelry line Dear Mina by San Francisco designer Mina Caragay, a Sunset resident and SoCal native who fashions outfit-making pieces using leather, chains and chunky, semi-precious stones.

After spotting her latest pieces on view at Mission boutique Mira Mira, we had to know more. So we tracked Caragay down for a chat about stones, style and San Francisco. Read on for more about this local designer.

Your designs are bold and statement-making. Any thoughts on why you’re especially drawn to big, stand-out pieces?

I knew from the beginning that was the direction I wanted to go.  I, myself, love wearing big statement pieces, which is part of the reason I started venturing into jewelry. I couldn’t find pieces I wanted to wear. With the indie jewelry designer market exploding, I wanted to make sure I stood out and showed my own point of view.

Your online shop strikes us as having a kind of intergalactic flower child with street smarts kind of vibe. Am I onto anything here?

You pretty much hit the nail on the head. I’m a free spirit at heart, lost in a world of wonder. I find myself star-gazing (well, when the sky is visible in my neighborhood) and daydreaming, which is were I usually find my inspiration.

What are your favorite materials to work with?

I love working with semi-precious stones in their rawest form. I like to mix these rough crystal cut specimens with brilliantly polished stones and leather. One of my favorite minerals to work with is pyrite, which you will find throughout my collections ranging from small briolette cuts to chunky nuggets.

When you’re not designing jewelry, what else do you do?

When time allows and the inspiration is there, I love to paint. My themes are similar to my jewelry aesthetic, being they’re both based on nature. Other than that, I love experimenting with new cooking recipes and spending time with my boyfriend and chihuahua.

Any favorite San Francisco shops or destinations readers must know about?

I am such a homebody, so I rarely leave the comforts of my home. There has been a hand full of cute boutiques popping up around the city, including Mira Mira on 22nd and Valencia.  This lovely boutique focuses on independent designers from around the world and is also where you can currently find some of my creations.

What’s next for Dear Mina?

I have a few local events lined up on the calendar, including the Capsule Urban Air Market in Hayes Valley in September. At the moment, I’m focusing on expanding my collections to include earrings and bracelets. Lastly, keep an eye out for Dear Mina in a couple fashion magazines hitting this fall!

You’ll find Caragay’s work available in the Dear Mina online shop and at Mira Mira.

Photography courtesy Mina Caragay; model Jennifer Swinney; set design, Matthew Thomas Warn.