May 30, 2015

P is For Pride: Making Colorful Strides in Fashion

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If ever there were a time to get decked out in one of Kitty Andrews’ colorful head pieces, it would be while wearing one of Magdalena Trevers hand woven swimsuits parading down market street during  The San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. The last float wasn’t just blaring music filled with dancing half naked men in sparkly  spandex shorts (though that was going on too) it was also lined with some of  the most style savvy folks in the SF Fashion scene. Dancing in the streets were designers Kitty Andrews, Magdalena TreverTosca Soraya, Danielle Pettee, Shannon Dietz along with local fashionista and blogger,   Michele Gates, and of course, yours truly. From the colorful photos you’ll also notice the smart and lovely  organizers  behind the up-coming SF Chic Week, Megan Heinan and Janice Ongjoco Bailon clad in local SF flare. A slight shortage in bathing suits didn’t faze these gals, who headed over to Jeremy’s on second to buy an impromptu outfit to compliment one of Kitty’s cute and quirky head- pieces. Celebrating fashion and our invaluable right to choose doesn’t just lend us the right to kiss whom ever we’d like, but a choice to wear whatever makes us feel fabulous, especially if it’s made in San Francisco.

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Danielle Pettee & Magdalena Trever Sample Sale


A last-minute missive about a little SoMa sample sale taking place tonight in San Francisco. Designers Danielle Pettee and Magdalena Trever will be showing their latest.

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Parlor Games: Magdalena Trever + Danielle Pettee Fashion Show Recap


Earlier this week, a slew of local ladies donned the intricately-adorned, ready-for-the-sun swimsuits of Magdalene Trever, colorful party frocks of Danielle Pettee and jewelry by Shannon Dietz during the first in what we hear will become a monthly San Francisco fashion show series at The Parlor.

San Francisco photographer Ed Jay was on-hand to snap the lace-and-ruffle-laden ladies waiting backstage, a group that included SF Indie Fashion’s own marketing girl-on-the-go Michelle Ruiz.


Models backstage with designer Danielle Pettee in front

More pics after the jump…

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