May 22, 2015

Getting Booked: Fashion Unraveled

Fashion Unraveled demystifies the challenges of starting and running a fashion design business.

Anyone who’s ever thought of launching their own fashion label or craft company would do well to check out Fashion Unraveled: How to Start and Manage Your Own Fashion Design (or Craft) Business, out this month in its second edition from Jennifer Lynne Matthews, a longtime fashion educator and one-time Bay Area designer.

We say this not simply because Matthews was a frequent presence on this site and in the Bay Area fashion community before she relocated (along with her Porcelynne lingerie label) to Los Angeles. Nor is it simply because SF Indie Fashion founder Lorraine Sanders has as sweet four-page spread in between this good read’s covers on the importance of blogging and social media for fashion entrepreneurs. While those two factors certainly don’t hurt, we’re recommending this book for its ability to distill the complicated, expensive and, at times, overwhelming nature of building an independent fashion business into a manageable process that covers everything from creating a business plan to devising (and sticking to) a budget to case studies and Q&A interviews with British designer Timothy James Andrews and couturier Colleen Quen.

“I wish my book was available when I started my business, because I would have avoided so many mistakes.” Matthews explains, “I am grateful that my experiences and lessons learned can help others avoid the expensive mistakes I made over the years.”

Along with the wise words on its pages, the book offers designers numerous worksheets to help them plot their course towards success.

If it sounds like your version of a page-turner, snag a copy of the brand new edition for 35 percent off the $59.95 cover price with the discount code AX4T2CBC.

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