May 28, 2015

Stuck on Taylor Denim for Temporary Hems

tdfront-for-presentation-1.pngYou know what bites? Bites in your jeans from wearing the pair hemmed for heels with your tennies, and the pair hemmed for your tennies with your flats. For those of us who live in denim, the challenge of keeping premium jeans crisp along the hem is a daily battle. You could, of course, bore yourself to tears by buying multiple sets of the same jeans, hemming them to different lengths and scooting around town with crisp hems, yet utter predictability.

Or you could try a product like Taylor Denim disposable adhesive strips made for temporarily altering the length of your jeans. The San Francisco-based company’s owner Erika W. got in touch this week to tell us about the product. Sure, it’s a simple concept – one you may have even tried on your own with double-sided tape or something even lower-tech (we have, admittedly, gone the duct tape route in the face of a fashion emergency). But Taylor Denim’s extra-strong strips are made to work on denim and other heavy-duty fabrics. And they come in cute, sassy little envelopes (we admit we can be suckers for packaging).

And both of those things put these little hem helpers on our list of stocking stuffer ideas for our denim-obsessed friends and family. At $11.95, they’re inexpensive, fun and useful.

***As an added perk for our readers, tell Taylor Denim that SF Indie Fashion sent you, and you’ll get free shipping on your order. Thanks Erika!

Here’s how it works:

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