May 24, 2015

Designers: L.A. Marketing Opportunity at Gotham House

Local designers looking for an opp to showcase their work on the Hollywood celeb circuit, this came in this week from the folks at Gotham House. Submissions for the Emmy Awards event are due by June 17. Read on for the details and contact information.

Gotham House Begins Search For the Hottest Designers


Invitation only Hollywood showroom opens the floodgates to up and coming designers for selective participation in a two month long event.

Los Angeles, June 1st, 2011 – As Hollywood prepares for another whirlwind award show and fall television season, the Gotham House plans to be the one stop shop for celebrities, stylists, prop masters, trendsetters and press. In the two months prior to the Primetime emmy Awards®, the Gotham House Red Carpet Showroom will serve as an invitation only, high-end space designated for the A-list to come, prepare for the show, shop, and get pampered.

With an impressive background in event production, film and television production, entertainment marketing and product placement, Gotham City Films, LLC will combine their avenues of expertise to create a venue where celebrities can browse and enjoy everything from red carpet attire and jewelry to sneakers and the latest tech-gadgets. Overall, the Gotham House will act as an exclusive department store to showcase all things new, fun, hip and glamorous.

This is not a gifting suite, but a fashion-lifestyle driven program to assist attendees in becoming camera ready, and for stylists, costume designers, costumers and prop masters to find great items to use in their day-to-day projects. As such a comprehensive event, the Gotham House will be able to provide participating brands with an unparalleled level of exposure. Such full-scale product placement creates an unprecedented platform for designers to directly reach the upper echelon of Hollywood society.

Throughout the two months, the Gotham house will also play host to a series of full-scale productions and cocktail parties for celebrities, trendsetters, members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, costume designers and members of the press. As the guests are applauded for their outstanding achievements, they will also have the ability to browse the showroom and familiarize themselves with the products available from Gotham House.

In the creation of this event, the Gotham House has opened their doors for “it” new labels to participate in the show. Gotham House is delighted to bring in fresh talent ready for instant publicity and media attention. While the brands will be displayed in the company of many household names, this opportunity is aimed specifically at labels of the highest caliber and design quality. The Gotham House reserves the right for extreme selectivity, therefore only the most competitive are encouraged to apply.

To receive more information about the Gotham House a visit

Deadline for Submissions: June 17, 2011
*Please note that product samples may be requested as part of the approval process


Kat Pepka or Beth Beasley