May 26, 2015

My Latest Vintage Treasure: Belt from Bodega

What random shopping in dusty stores can uncover: 1940's-era vintage belt

Oh the things that can be found in dusty stores on country roads. While making a two-second stop in Bodega (the very small town slightly inland from Bodega Bay) last weekend, I happened into a secondhand shop and found this gold-hued belt, which the store’s owner told me was 1940′s-era (though that’s impossible to verify).

Much of the stuff in the shop, whose name I missed (but it’s really one of three or so establishments on the tiny “main drag” of Bodega, right to the left of the general store with all the Hitchcock memorabilia), looked like it had been around since at least the 40′s, an aesthetic that send my husband running for the car but sucked me in immediately. It’s the kind of place where antlers, old glass containers, costume jewelry, decades-0ld Playboy magazines in plastic covers and weird figurines occupy the same shelves.

There was also a cool selection of cocktail rings, but I didn’t get a chance to try any on because I was holding up the crew as it was.

I quickly gave the owner $31 for the belt, and that was probably far too much. But I liked it, and that was less than the $35 he was asking.

It’s stretchy and surprisingly comfortable.

A reminder that ducking into a dingy, dimly lit shop at random can enhance one’s closet.