May 26, 2015

Where Old is New: Swap! Not Shop!

SWAP Not Shop

Okay, clearly we love to shop. But we’re also down to swap. A great place to do just that this weekend? Swap! Not Shop!, an Oakland event that promises an outpouring of clothing, accessories and household items for the taking when you bring a bag of items to donate. Admission is $5.

More fun fashion events await on the SF Indie Fashion Calendar…..

Diggin’ Dig ‘N Swap

dignswaplogo.gifYou love a good clothing swap, but the next time you hit one up in person, you’ll be wearing elbow pads and a serious game face. ‘Cause some ladies (no one you know, of course) just weren’t raised right.

Or you could dismiss with the dilemmas of decorum completely and head online to Dig ‘N Swap, a new startup from San Francisco local Li Qiu. Users upload images of clothes and accessories they no longer want, then dig (virtually) through other users’ castoffs for something that strikes their style sensibilities. See something you like? Fabulous. Offer the owner one (or several) of your items in exchange via an online bid. If your bid is accepted, you swap the goods and everyone (including the environment) wins.

Right now, swapping is free, so take advantage. Down the road, the company plans to add a small transaction fee for swaps.

Also, users who join in the company’s beta days will have a chance to win a $25 gift card each month through the monthly sweepstakes. To get in on the action, post five or more items on the site – you’ll be entered automatically.