May 22, 2015

Snap Judgment: Marine Layer Striped Scarf

Our very-visual, (almost) chatter-free snap judgment of the day: the casual cool of the slouchy, ready-for-the-weekend women’s striped infinity scarf, $38, by San Francisco-based Marine Layer.

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Snap Judgment: Hand-Dyed LLG Designs Circle Scarf

Our very-visual, (almost) chatter-free snap judgment of the day: the casual, crafty-chic allure of the fringe jersey knit circle scarf, $19, hand-dyed by San Francisco-based LLG Designs. Similar scarves are available in blue, gray, black and other hues.

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Photography courtesy of LLG Designs

Bee Season: Why I love Rebecca Beeson’s Circle Scarf

While visiting  the lovely Rebecca Beeson at her sunny SOMA studio a few weeks ago, I discovered her latest and most adorable creation; the circle scarf. Made out of excess fabrics usually donated or scrapped, these scarves are both colorful and super soft. I just want to curl up in mine all the time, especially with my new boyfriend next to me. Ok I’m sorry I’ll shut up about him, but he  makes me feel pretty even all wrapped up in a light green scarf and yoga clothes. It could be he who makes me feel pretty or maybe it’s the scarf.  To get your own, visit Rebecca Beeson online and send her an email. Did I mention they come in a myriad of colors? Weeeeeee!

Thank you Doug for taking this photo, and more importantly for always believing in me.

This post originally appeared on Modelina Michelle

Scarf by Rebecca Beeson, $10; Photo by Doug Birnbaum; Modeled by Michelle Ruiz