May 22, 2015

A Perfect Day in Kent Denim

Not long ago, I spent the day following around a pair of jeans so simple yet so well crafted that I wished I were a boy. You see, Kent Denim is a raw denim brand for men created by Noah  Landis. It’s the type of jean that needs no tacky brand stitched to it, because the quality speaks for its’ self. Most recently these jeans have been going places.  Inspired by the streets of San Francisco, Kent Denim has made his way to the Brooklyn Denim Company in New York and Lileo in Toronto, Canada among other places. If you’re the no fuss style seeking kind of guy, then dawning a pair of Kent Denim jeans is a must.  Casually cool with  no excuse for a label, try yourself a day in denim that’s  the perfect fit. Get yours at The Blue Jeans Bar on Union and Octavia or buy them here.

This article originally appeared on Modelina Michelle; Photos courtesy of Natalie Grae photography; Jeans by Kent Denim;  Make-up by Tiffany Fan; Creative Director, Michelle Ruiz.