May 22, 2015

The Convertible Scarf-Top-Shrug by Boditecture

Our obsession with convertible clothing runs deep. Not only do multi-way pieces give you more options, it’s just plain cool knowing your scarf-top-hood-shrug could also be a shrug-hood-top-scarf. So we were obviously enthused over the Scarf Hug by San Francisco label Boditecture.

Focusing on garments that can be worn in multiple ways, Boditecture sells a variety of convertible pieces, but this one stands out for offering 12 options that span casual daywear to nightlife-ier styles. Made of a loose wool knit and available in several colors, the $79 item can be wrapped around your neck as a scarf or fashioned into a variety of tops, a shrug, a hood and several looks that are somewhere in between.

You’ll find it online in the Boditecture online shop.

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Runway Recap: SF Fashion Week Runway 2 – Ready to Wear

Alyssa Nicole designer Alyssa Casares (right) and model share the runway at the end of the night.

Day two of the San Francisco Fashion Week runway shows drew an audience itching to see the week-long event’s ready-to-wear lineup. Designs from Victor’s Promise, MIKELSEN, Alphyn Industries, Boditecture by Wen Guo, CHUI CHUI by Tracy Wong and Alyssa Nicole paraded down the runway to electro-industrial beats while guests lit up the venue as they snapped  pictures with their phones.

The show began with the convertible fashions of Boditecture, with models untying, unzipping and unwrapping their cocktail dresses to become elegant evening gowns, a two-piece ensemble and a bathing-suit ensemble perfect for poolside lounging.

The rest of the night offered a variety of looks, ranging from the Victorian Goth-inspired dresses of CHUI CHUI to the blush-worthy undergarments of men’s loungewear designer Victor’s Promise. MIKELSEN designer Michael Seneriches showed San Francisco-in-the-70s-inspired patterns with modern twists, while Alyphn Industries appealed to the gadget hungry onlookers in the crowd with jeans and jackets sporting built-in Smartphone sleeves and pockets. Closing the night was 19-year-old designer Alyssa Casares, whose line Alyssa Nicole dazzled with 30′s-inspired cocktail dresses and soft silhouettes that would compliment any frame.

Standouts from the night include CHUI CHUI’s black lace bandeau paired with a layered skirt and silk-wrap tie, MIKELSEN’s one-shoulder dress in blue and green that at first appeared to be painted on and Alyssa Nicole’s ruby-red cinched-waist cocktail dress with cut-out sleeves and layered skirt.

Below, a few images from the show, produced by the San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance:

This CHUI CHUI design caught the attention of many, thanks to its lace bandeau and matching trim on a layered skirt secured with a large pink silk ribbon.

A black lace top-layer added a darker element to this sexy, one-shoulder ensemble by CHUI CHUI.

Guests snap pictures after the model transformed what started on the runway as a mini-tube dress into a full length evening gown by Boditecture.

Men's loungewear by Victor's Promise

Shoulder cut-outs and textured, polka-dot fabric brought a contemporary edge to this girlish Alysssa Nicole dress.

Alphyn Indiustries sent Smartphone-friendly jeans down the runway.

Designer Michael Seneriches (left) walking the runway at the end of his show

Photography courtesy of Shaun Tiangsing

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