May 29, 2015

The Do List: San Francisco Fashion Events Sept. 26-Oct. 2

If you love fashion and you’re in the Bay Area, then Thursday night’s your night to shine this week. The-night-before-the-weekend-starts holds serious style promise, thanks to fashion for a good cause, trunk shows and parties at local boutiques. You’ll find the details on the SF Indie Fashion Calendar.

  • Yes, we said Thursday is your night to shine. But first, rev up on Wednesday during the Ali Golden and Marisa Haskell Trunk Show at Hayes Valley shop Reliquary. Along with wine and friendly fashionable faces, reasons to go include Golden’s versatile fall line and a new collection from Haskell.
  • Come Thursday, you won’t be hurting for options if it’s a style fix you seek. Fashion for a good cause will be in effect during Define: Beauty Fashion Show, a benefit from San Francisco non-profit Groundwork Opportunities featuring work from labels such as Menk, Sarah Liller, Retrofit Republic, Daniel Sudar, Dallas Coulter, Ken Chen, Kajan Padraig and Cari Borja.

You can find details on all of these events and more happening this week on the SF Indie Fashion Calendar.

A Golden Partnership Coming to Hayes Valley

For some, crafting an identity as a designer into a business may be a straight road, where for others, it can be evolutionary. Such could be said of local designer Ali Golden, who recently teamed up with local designer Sarah Tejada to open a soon-to-open creative retail space at 534 Octavia Street in Hayes Valley.

SF Indie Fashion first spied Ali Golden and her wrap vest hoodies in 2009. Since then she has put together her first full collection of all self-sewn apparel, which she describes as lighthearted with a little bit of humor and made for a girl who is imaginative and creative in the way she looks. A limited selection of her latest work can be found now at Shotwell. Expect to see her etsy store up soon.

As for their forthcoming Hayes Valley outpost, Golden and Tejada are planning a multipurpose space that will appeal to fans of shopping local.

“The space is super unique: a converted garage on the corner of Ivy and Octavia,” explains Golden. “We’ll be designing and sewing there, teaching classes, holding sweet events and selling our designs when weather permits and the garage is open, or by appointment.”

Golden takes pride in doing her production all on her own and seems intent on creating an experience where that feeling can continue. It’s no surprise, then, that she’d pair up with Tejada, a self-taught seamstress who primarily focuses on leather purses and jewelry making.

“What I’m not interested in is adhering to the fashion industry’s time line or specific way of doing things,” Golden says. “The important thing is, I want what I’m doing to be about artisanship.”

As for the space’s name, it’s yet to be decided, and both designers are still bandying about ideas for all that the shop will include. They may, for example, begin offering custom wedding dresses.

Until the door — or garage in this case — opens, look to Golden’s web site for updates or to make an appointment to view her latest.

For a taste of Sarah Tejada, check out her blog.  Below, shots from the first Ali Golden collection:

Photography courtesy Ali Golden

It’s a Wrap: Ali Golden Wrap Vests


Yesterday afternoon, I happened to stop by Shotwell in Union Square and discover these wonderfully unique, versatile and cozy reversible wrap vests by Ali Golden. (Thanks much to owner Holly for pointing them out to me!) I was immediately taken with them and couldn’t wait to post them on SF Indie Fashion and feature them on the 7×7 Glamwatch blog. By a funny twist of fate, Golden herself turned up at the store minutes later, so I got the chance to meet her in person and chat for a few minutes.

A local designer and FIDM student, Golden makes these vests using 100 percent wool. Each is handmade, one-of-a-kind and can be worn on either side and with the dramatic, drapey hoods up or down. As for what to pair them with, the sky’s the limit. Golden says she’s donned them over cocktail dresses to holiday parties, on top of baggy tees during the daytime and with baby doll dresses and boots for venturing around town.

Just don’t let the preppy plaid fool you. When I asked Golden how she landed on this design, she surprised me by saying she’d actually derived the idea from science fiction.

In her words:

“These vests were initially inspired by some of the most fantastic dystopian science fiction artistic endeavors (which i can never get enough of) and my very own post-apocalyptic ideas… When I first started designing them, I liked the idea of a huge protective hood (very post-apocalyptic), but it was obviously extremely important that the vests were as wearable and flattering as they were conceptually interesting. So after experimenting with different ideas, I decided to create a reversible wrap vest with a gigantic hood that also acted as a large collar/lapel.”

Golden is currently at work on her first collection and blogs about her endeavors on her site Creativity Killed the Cat. Be on the lookout for more high drama hoods, as well as knit and woven dresses, come spring. Right now, the only place you can view these beauties in person (unless, of course, you happen to have an in with the designer) is at Shotwell.

The artistic photos are all Golden’s own – she’s also a graphic designer who loves to play with things in Photoshop. The two at the bottom featuring the green vest are ones I took yesterday – thanks to sis-in-law Heather’s willingness to be a guinea pig (you rock!).