May 23, 2015

Pretty Mini: Swooning Over Danielle Pettee’s Latest Mini Glam Collection

A peek at a few pieces from the oh so creative mini collection maker Danielle Pettee. One of her new mini spring collections showcases a beautiful romantic glamorous side, while the other is flirtatious fun and colorful. Here’s what Danielle had to say about this Glam Mini Collection.

“I felt Like putting a true artistic flare to the art of dressing like a lady. As everything is still one of a kind and unique. every dress has it’s own story.
I get inspired everyday by the fabric I have in my studio, after stocking up on large amounts of recycled fabric I find, I make whatever I feel will make the fabric come to life.”

Get 15 percent off your next dress by Danielle by using the discount code, Modelina Michelle.

This post originally appeared on Modelina Michelle; Dresses by Danielle Pettee; Photos courtesy of Chris Willis

Give Back Gala – A Charitable Fashion Event


February 22, 2011 – San Francisco, CA.  The San Francisco/Marin Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumni have announced the date for their second annual Give Back Gala. The event will take place on Saturday April 2, 2011 at 6:00PM at the J.W. Marriott Ballroom in San Francisco, CA.

The Give Back Gala brings together food, wine and fashion to benefit local women’s non-profits: Career Closet and WOMAN Inc. Career Closet is an organization designed to empower women to re-enter the workplace equipped with everything they need to make a great first impression and land the job they want. Their services begin with business attire, but what they really provide is confidence. Women Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent (WOMAN), Inc. has operated since 1978 serving battered women in San Francisco and the larger Bay Area. They provide a 24 hour crisis line and culturally sensitive support to women in domestic violence situations.

The event includes a cocktail hour, three course dinner, silent auction and fashion show.  Cocktail and dinner wine will be served complimentary on behalf of Barefoot Cellars. Fashion show will be produced by Nicole Lindgren of Style Bust and feature designs from emerging designers: Aya Yoruha, Catalina Alcala, Ericka Engelman for Ericka Engelman Couture, Indu Arora for Rockchiq, Wilson Kong, Jennifer Ly, Jess Lindgren, Kajan Padraig: Couture Collection by Cake Carlos and Patrick Steber, Sharon Peng, Tiana Vega and Varunee for Sincerely, Varunee.

The give Back Gala is open to the public. The dress code for the event is semi-formal. Tickets are $75/person if purchased by March 18th and a reserved table for eight is available at a discount rate of $500. Tickets can be purchased online at

If you would like to stay the night in the City, the J.W. Marriott will offer guests a special room rate of $179.  To make a reservation please call (415) 771-8600 and mention the Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumni Give Back Gala room block.

To inquire about Press Passes please contact Nicole Lindgren

Thanks to Owen Geronimo of SFFAMA and Jo Gruszka for their in-kind event production sponsorship.

Former Model Helps Kenyan Women Find Fulfilling Fashion Work

Siamanda Chege sounds like one of those women who would be really intimidating if she wasn’t also so cool. She moved to the United States from Kenya and became an international runway model. She used the money to help out her family back in Kenya. Once she had succeeded in doing that, she decided to help out the rest of her community back home as well. She started an orphanage to provide homes for children orphaned because their parents had AIDS. She funds the orphanage in part through a company she started that also provides lucrative and fulfilling employment for women in her hometown.

The company is called Bebe Ravi (a French term that translates to “baby’s delight”). Chege sends wonderful high-quality Italian yarn to the 100+ women that she employs in Kenya. They crochet or knit the yarn into gorgeous baby clothes. The clothes are then sold in high-end stores here in the United States (such as Barney’s).

Now if you didn’t know any better you might think that this type of business exploits the women who are working so hard to crochet the items by hand. However, a report by Josie Raymond at Tonic says that this isn’t the case at all. The women are paid twice the average local wage. They are also fed good meals during the work day. Consider that the region they live in has an unemployment rate as high as forty percent and many of the women are widows, that’s a pretty good deal.

Plus they get to spend their days crocheting with high-quality Italian yarns for a really good cause. Don’t we all kind of wish we got paid double the local average wage to do that?!

Source: Tonic

Escama Studio: Cool Crochet Aluminum Tab Accessories

I just recently learned about the cool recycled products that are being made by Escama Studio. At first glance, these items are bags and other accessories made from aluminum can tabs. With further research you’ll find that it’s crochet work that is used to hold these pieces together to make fashionable accessories for the modern eco-minded individual.

What is Escama Studio?

This is a collaborative design studio that is based in two different locations – here in San Francisco and also in Brazil. Designs originate from both of the different studios. They say that their mission is “creating innovative and stylish products from post-consumer and other sustainable materials, through partnerships with producers in underprivileged communities.” The Escama Studios team is made up of both men and women.

How Underprivileged Communities are Served

The crochet work that goes into these products is done by hand in Brazil by women’s collectives. The women who participate in these collectives are considered artists. Each bag has a tag with information about the artist. You can head to the website of Escama Studio to read about each of the different artists. Consumers who wish to can send a thank you note to their artists via the website. The artists earn a livable wage for their crochet work. Escama Studios also tries to help the artists in other ways, assisting them in opening bank accounts, helping them get computer literacy training and providing them with a percentage of gross sales to benefit the cooperative.

Basics of Escama Studios Products

The studio has a basic aesthetic design that it follows when creating its products. They all use recycled aluminum can tabs. They also use traditional crochet techniques from Brazil that have been adapted to create a modern design utilizing these unique materials.

Examples of Escama Studios Products

Here are some samples of their work from their website but I’d encourage you to check out the entire website for more information.

This post originally appeared on Crochet Concupiscence, a blog about all things crochet!

Local SF Link Love for Fashionable Friends

I always love to share some “link love”, hoping that others will go check out the things that I found lovely. Recently I had a chance to spend some time with some great stylish women here in San Francisco that I thought other people would also like to know. These are very cool women doing very cool fashionable, creative, artistic things so give them some love and attention!

The Back Story

Photographer Julie Michelle put together a women’s networking group of a select group of women who have diverse skills and talents. We get together once a month or so to help each other out with all of the various things that we need help with. At the most recent meeting, I let the ladies know that I’ve gotten a little bit obsessed with blogging about crochet and that I was looking for leads on crochet artists, people to interview about crochet, crochet designers, etc. The ladies came through, handing me half a dozen leads to follow up on. Thanks gals!

The Awesome Location

The most recent meeting was held at an awesome fashion retail location / art gallery that I didn’t know about until now. It’s a really cool space which is why I wanted to let other people in the area know about it. The store (pictured above) is called La Boutique and it’s run by a charming, welcoming, friendly woman named Carole Harari. It’s located in a unique area of the city (414 Jackson @ Montgomery) that people say isn’t great for retail but is actually a really terrific neighborhood. It’s close to the bustle of Broadway in North Beach but in that area with the charming brick buildings and quiet tree-lined streets. What’s better than the location is the store itself. It’s large and airy and makes you want to look around. Carol brings in stunning fashion pieces from her favorite designers in Europe. Many of these items are unavailable anywhere else in San Francisco or even in the rest of the U.S. Carole carefully selects an array of items that have terrific style suitable for SF wear. The items (mostly clothing but also shoes, jewelry, etc.) are laid out in a really organized, easy-to-browse fashion that makes the store a pleasure to spend time in. The great design makes sense for a retail space that is also a gallery. Art rotates on the walls of the space and I’m excited to eventually head back there and see what else there is to see that I missed the first time around! Note: great deals for La Boutique have been mentioned here on SF Indie Fashion before!

Other Great Women

In addition to Julie, I wanted to make sure that I mentioned these other great women who are doing cool things in SF and showed some interest or support in what I had to say about who I am and how in love with crochet I am:

  • Eden of Secession Art and Design. I have been meaning to make it to this gallery / boutique / workspace for a long time to check out the wearable art and other stuff that everyone has told me is awesome here. I need to make sure that I do that sometime soon – especially since I’ve now been told that sometimes there’s crochet work to see there!
  • Annie of Poetic & Chic. This style, opinion, culture (and more) blog has had some cool successes recently like an interview with Hamish Bowles of Vogue who is involved with the Balenciaga retrospective at the de Young Museum.
  • Genevieve of Lightbox SF. Lightbox SF provides the very important services of assisting artists in learning how to market their art through the power of social media and more. Hear that local fashion designers?! I talked to Genevieve for awhile about this topic and she really knows her stuff.
  • Rachel Znerold. Rachel is an artist who paints, designs clothing and generally seems to add a touch of creativity to the world around her. Her fashion work looks really interesting. She uses vintage fabrics and used clothing items to make “upcycled” dresses and accessories. Lovely stuff – and I’m looking forward to crocheting with her in the near future!

I’m sure that I’m forgetting to mention some people. All of the women that I met were super awesome but I particularly wanted to highlight the great work that these ladies are doing. Thanks all!

This post originally appeared on Crochet Concupiscence.

Image from Anywear Girl