I’m starting a new category (because this is my blog and I can) that has nothing to do with fashion other than aiding a fashion-related blog owner to become less aggro and more peaceful and loving towards other humans. For the Love of God: Puh-lease. If everyone could just put on their lefthand turn signals before the light turns green, we would all be living in a much, much better society. There is simply no point in sitting at a red light without your blinker on if you plan to turn left when the light turns green. People behind you who are late to theirRead More →

Yesterday, I was cruising through Hayes Valley with my partner in crime Dawn, and I noticed several folks inside the space that was up until recently Fabuloid – and they were painting over the shop’s signature hot pink (a color scheme we strongly endorse). All in preparation for a new store called Plantation, apparently arriving in Sept. Seems Fabuloid is on a mission to leave as many hot pink storefronts around the city as possible. I still see the one on 18th – made even weirder looking by the Wong Fat (I think that’s what it says) fish market sign – everytime I drive toRead More →

Sorta like the Daily Candy that once was. If you know what I mean. (And I think ya do) juli b covers city life – cool places, eats, shops and tidbits any self-respecting SF-er should know about. And for info junkies like myself, these little newsletter dealies are just wonderful inspiration – meaning they inspire me to re-try places I know I love but haven’t visited lately. The first edition, out today, features such city classics as Mitchell’s Ice Cream (can I get a what what for their pralines and cream?) and Marilyn Jaeger’s waxing talents while spotlighting some less well-knowns like the best dudeRead More →