May 22, 2015

News: Anti-Tuna on a Plane Campaign, So Stylish Bowling, Oxford Adventures and more…


Very official newsflash: tuna fish is not an appropriate snack to bring on an airplane. It just isn’t. Giving it to a smear-happy toddler as an in-flight pacification tool is borderline criminal. In other news…

The crew from new-ish Mission vintage go-to Bianca Starr dressed up to knock ‘em down during a recent bowling tourney. Have you ever seen such swish style at the lanes?

Bare magazine’s blog stirs controversy by questioning V magazine’s recent photo spread featuring larger-than-usual models. Is curvy becoming synonymous with overweight? Should it? Should plumpness be praised or is it just as potentially dangerous to one’s health as being too skinny? All these questions pop up in the debate playing out over at this UC Berkeley blog.

The Seventh Heart is in lurve with long johns.

Vanessa Bruno bags have arrived at Metier.

Late Afternoon gets perfectly disheveled, and we think it’s lovely.

There’s a nice, big, cozy winter sale on at Acrimony right now. Save up to 70 percent online and in the Hayes Valley store.

In the mood to fancy up your flat footwear? Black glitter Toms should be arriving at Azalea “any day now.”

For another kind of flirtation with flats, we turn to Jennie Going West, who was able to pounce on the perfect pair of Oxfords and style them, we think, with enviable results.

Coquette is predicting we’ll all be roping things in come spring.

Gama-Go recently debuted five new t-shirts for women.

is having a sale-y sale. Fall and holiday collections are marked down, while Christmas items are 50 percent off – and there’s a clearance rack offering deeper discounts to boot.

Fans of coveted designer labels, head to Carrots in Jackson Square for the ongoing winter sale. We hear fall RTW collections and shoes are now 60 percent off.

Check Us Out on The San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Pixel Vision


SF Indie Fashion is featured this week on the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Pixel Vision blog in the story SF Indie Fashion: Read Local, Shop Local by local style writer and blogger Mayka Mei. This makes us happy as a good hair day. Thanks Mayka!

Indi Denim: Conclusion (Dangerous Curves Ahead)


Warning: certain of the images you are about to see contain disturbing material. In fact, I would even recommend reading this post on an empty stomach, perhaps with a friend or loved one nearby for comfort. Because what you are about to see is not pretty. I am personally still recovering (as is my injured muffin-top). Perhaps I shouldn’t be so disturbed, because it’s my pasty white stomach and borderline cameltoe (there, I said it) that I am about to show you. And I should probably be comfortable with them by now. But you, well, that’s another story. You didn’t ask for this. And for that, friends, I am truly sorry (not that you didn’t ask, but that you have to suffer through this viewing). But once I begin an investigation, I don’t stop until the mission is complete.

As you may know, about a month ago, I decided to try out Indi Denim, an East Bay company promising $135 custom jeans cut to customers’ measurements and designed according to their specifications. For background, you can read my two previous posts on the ordering process:

Indi Denim: Part 1

Indi Denim: Part 2

Last week, I finally received my jeans. They arrived on Wednesday June 25, just shy of a month after I placed the order on May 31. They were neatly packaged and arrived carrying all the details I’d requested (back pocket flaps, distressed edges, etc.):



But the fit. Oh, man. It was terrible. I’d taken each measurement several times using a dressmaker’s tape measure, so I was surprised at how off it was.

Against my better judgment, I now reveal to you the tragi-comedy that ensued as I stepped into these jeans:


I know. You can say it. Oh MY god. As my husband said with his characteristic matter-of-factness, right before shielding his eyes, “The fit is not good.”

Next up, my impression of Bret Michaels, only without the massive unit. Just check out this pick from Rock of Love 2, and I think you’ll get what I’m sayin’.


I would show you more, but they are really embarrassing. So I won’t. Because I am not sure my fragile self-esteem can recover from knowing that tons of strangers have seen my denim-swaddled crotch region in this compromised state (or any state, for that matter).

To be fair to the folks at Indi Denim, they do offer customers the option to reorder for free, but I didn’t feel like expending the energy to re-enter all my measurements, fit choices and specifications. On top of that, I wasn’t that impressed with the fabric. So I’m returning them to the company, which does offer a refund within 30 days, minus the cost of shipping.

And that, folks, is all I have to say about that.

**Update: Please check out all posts in this series**

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Announcing: Indi Denim Contest Winner

Indi by Appointment Launch Party

Memorial Day Confessions

This weekend, I:

- Admit that I cried (a few) real tears of emotion during an especially poignant episode of What Not to Wear.

- Coveted large, expensive sunglasses from Glare, then remembered the fateful day I plunged into Lake Sonoma while wearing the one pair of sunglasses I have ever purchased that cost more than $30. They cost $89. They now live at the bottom of the lake. I did not buy new sunglasses.

- Wondered, why did I not realize how hot Clive Owen is before now?

- Realized I am very afraid of the Sex & the City movie.

- Learned that, in some small rural Wisconsin towns, they only have room for one strip club, which results in male and female strippers catering to their different and varied audiences in a single building, and that it is really funny when your husband ends up there at a bachelor party with his friends, and they end up having to block the vision of semi-dressed men from the corner of their eyes while they are trying to buy lap dances, or whatever it is that men do in those situations.

- Fell in love with the mango slicing tool that they are selling in the produce section of Safeway.

- Refused to make my bed. What’s the point? I am just going to get back in it.

- Discovered that not everyone has heard of the dog whisperer, and when you mention that you tried something you learned from the dog whisperer, that someone might think you actually believe there is a guy who can telepathically communicate with dogs, and that this is how you have been training your dog, and this may be why your dog is afraid of balloons and has other problems.

- Concluded that three days is not enough, but then, what is?

Workin’ Girl

An onslaught of work is keeping SF Indie Fashion from posting as per usual. Eyes are bleary. Coffee taste in mouth. Dirty apartment. Ugh. We’ll be back as soon as possible. And yes, it is the royal we.