Warning: certain of the images you are about to see contain disturbing material. In fact, I would even recommend reading this post on an empty stomach, perhaps with a friend or loved one nearby for comfort. Because what you are about to see is not pretty. I am personally still recovering (as is my injured muffin-top). Perhaps I shouldn’t be so disturbed, because it’s my pasty white stomach and borderline cameltoe (there, I said it) that I am about to show you. And I should probably be comfortable with them by now. But you, well, that’s another story. You didn’t ask for this. And forRead More →

This weekend, I: – Admit that I cried (a few) real tears of emotion during an especially poignant episode of What Not to Wear. – Coveted large, expensive sunglasses from Glare, then remembered the fateful day I plunged into Lake Sonoma while wearing the one pair of sunglasses I have ever purchased that cost more than $30. They cost $89. They now live at the bottom of the lake. I did not buy new sunglasses. – Wondered, why did I not realize how hot Clive Owen is before now? – Realized I am very afraid of the Sex & the City movie. – Learned that,Read More →

An onslaught of work is keeping SF Indie Fashion from posting as per usual. Eyes are bleary. Coffee taste in mouth. Dirty apartment. Ugh. We’ll be back as soon as possible. And yes, it is the royal we.