May 26, 2015

Snap Judgment: Daughters of Simone Lola Custom Lace Wedding Gown

Our very-visual, (almost) chatter-free snap judgment of the day: Here comes the bride, all decked in lace thanks the custom-order Lola gown, $1,100, by San Francisco’s Daughters of Simone. Part of the label’s latest Vintage Inspired collection, the floor length crochet lace dress delivers retro style with a modern cut and can be customized to your liking.

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Saved From Extinction Down Under: SF’s New Sunski Sunglasses

Sunski glasses will be revived, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign to recreate the vintage frames. (Photo courtesy of Sunski Campaign on Kickstarter)

Meet Tom Stewart and Michael Charley. The two run a small product development company based in San Francisco and recently launched what’s turned out to be an uber-successful Kickstarter campaign to revive what would have been a sad extinction in the world of vintage sunglasses.

A few years back on a surf trip in Forster, Australia (just north of Sydney), Tom came across a pair of sunglasses sitting on a table outside a local surf shop. Drawn to the shades’ vibrant colors, Tom bought all the remaining pairs the store had to offer and went on to rock the sunspecs on both the waves and shore for the remainder of his trip.

So the story goes, when Tom continued to wear his new shades after his return to the States, people constantly asked where they could find them. Eager to hunt down pairs of the whimsical shades for his friends, Tom called the Forster surf shop only to find that they were completely sold out. Next, he hunted down the original manufacturer of the frames, called Sunskis, and learned that the manufacturer had gone out of business decades ago. The Sunskis he’d bought were apparently among the last pairs in existence.

Putting their product development minds together, Tom and Michael hatched a plan to resurrect Sunskis for the modern day. Pairing the original frames’ colorful 80′s-inspired look with up-to-date lenses that block 100 percent of the sun’s ultra-violet rays, the design duo aims to produce “a high quality, hand crafted pair of sunglasses that look as unique as the original and feel even better,” says Michael in the campaign description video on Kickstarter.

It seems fans of retro sunglasses are game. While they’d hoped to raise $9,800 to help pay for the tooling and making of molds for the new Sunskis, the two passed the mark in just three short days. When the campaign closes today, it will have exceeded its goal by over 1300 percent and raised a jaw-dropping $143,000 or more for the project.

Want in? The first Sunskis are expected to land in donors’ hands by September.

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Playful Chic: Vintage Joy Fall Collection

Designer Joy Fan’s just-released Vintage Joy fall collection is a welcome mix of the retro and the classic. Inspired by “the lifestyle of a Bohemian ballerina,” the neutral-loving line-up is both playful and structured, with tailored silhouettes meeting contrasting pieces full of movement and stylish swing.

Standouts include the sweetly sophisticated Lara jacket and belted Jean jumper, as well as the Edith dress in woven tweed and lace and the Vera jumper with trimmed box sleeves.

View the entire collection here.

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Photography courtesy Liz Caruana

Sebastian Signs Fragrances Arrive at Ver Unica

It’s going to make scents to head to Hayes Valley vintage destination Ver Unica later this week, thanks to a weekend party for the shop’s new fragrance source, L.A.-based perfume line Sebastian Signs.

The vintage boutique is hosting an event on May 12 that will feature Sebastian Signs alongside jewelry by Metal Smith. All are invited to smell and enjoy scents bycreator Sherri Sebastian, who will be on hand to meet and greet customers and talk about her unique use of ingredients.

Originally trained as a chemist, Sebastian boasts a degree in food science and sources her own oils from organic farmers. No. 17 and No. 35 will be carried along with Sherri’s popular goat milk soaps.

You can read up on Sebastian Signs non-chemical philosophy here. You’ll find event details on the SF Indie Fashion Calendar.

Photography courtesy of Ver Unica Vintage

SF Street Style: Spring in the City

Spring is in the air! Meaning park fashion at its peak. It seems like half the city is migrating to Dolores Park these days for some serious chilling out a la music, friends, a few cold bevs and maybe some Bi-Rite ice cream thrown in there. Check out the fashionable friends we found paired up and trolling the streets in and around Dolores Park on a recent weekend day:

Jaz & Erica

Spotted: Photographers on their way from work to park transition.

What is the best thing about spring in the city?

Jaz: My favorite part about spring is usually the rain…..I do enjoy bringing out the light and bright colors to wear. 

Erica: The best part of spring is the variety. Sometimes I wear one thing, but it’s easy to layer, and I can wear all of my wardrobe. 

Allison & Toni

Spotted: Heading to pick up burritos on 16th Street.

Allison wears Lush studded-neck blouse, vintage skirt, Doc Marten boots.

Toni wears Calvin Klein shirt, Levi’s jeans, Chie Mahari shoes.

Erin & Maura

 Spotted: 1970s & 1950s inspired looks trekking thru the masses en route to meet friends.

What is your favorite thing to do when it’s this hot?

Erin & Maura: We love to bring our dog to Dolores Park.

Photography by Sara Iravani