Just heard from Eileen Flannigan that she’ll be showing her fab jewelry line Bella Giorna at the Chillin’ Productions party Saturday night. Lovely!

From designer Sarah Snyder comes Maxsui, a line of fabric belts in punchy patterns. The philosophy behind the line rests on the notion that one good belt around the waist has the power to perfect any outfit, from head-to-toe.

Today’s Daily Candy San Francisco feature is right up the indie alley. From Boutique Ooh La La, skirts made exactly how you want them. Although, I should note that upon inspection of the featured designer’s web site , I found that the designer is based in LA. But hey, we’re all down with online shopping. The skirts come in many shapes and styles, but all have what I would describe as sunny, 1950s glamour about them. As I’m having a green moment today, I’m choosing the Carrie in Sage Dot skirt to illustrate.

Number one, I’m into Sharon Spain’s cool prints and the way she merges minimalism with nature. Seriously. I’m not trying to be deep. Here’s a much better description of her stuff via Daily Candy. But here’s a lovely picture of one pillow design: Oh, above I mentioned number one. Number two – meaning the number two reason for this post – is that I’m trying to get up to speed with using photos on this blog. Quite important.