May 29, 2015

Runway Recap: SF Fashion Week Runway 3 – Couture/Avant Garde Show

A studded dress by Ken Chen and guitar case by Vayaro

This year’s San Francisco Fashion Week went out with a bang last Sunday night at its third runway show of the week, which focused on couture and avant garde designs. Held at Madrone Studios in the SOMA, the show featured local designers Vio Gemini, Ken Chen, Aya Yuroha and Diane Oo, Jackie Princeau, Homme by Dahae Elyse Kimm and Camelia Skikos.

Vio Gemini opened the show with decadent bridal gowns equipped with feathers, Victorian collars and decorative pleating. While most of the gowns were floor length, there were a few pieces with hemlines above the knees. These shorter dresses added a flirty, laid back flair to the classic bridal look.

Next up, contemporary designer Ken Chen paired with handbag label Vayaro for their collection in the show. The two brands blended together seamlessly as Vayaro’s bags added kicks of color to Chen’s mostly neutral, minimal designs.

Jackie Princeau’s array of shift dresses, tailored pants and clean cut tops channeled a classic Parisian chic vibe. Putting a spin on the simple style, the brand topped multiple looks with leather body pieces that added futuristic flair.

Homme by Dahae Elyse Kimm managed to effortlessly combine draping, sleek cuts and modern dye techniques into one fluid men’s collection. The most notable piece was an asymmetrical, dip-dyed jacket that immediately captivated the audience with its modern cut and high contrast.

Closing out the show was former Gap and Levi Strauss designer Camelia Skikos. Her designs, which featured vibrant pops of cobalt blue, showed the most adventurous use of color out of all the designers. Similar to Jackie Princeau’s body pieces, Skikos also used playful shoulder accessories, which added a fashionable spin to streamlined silhouettes.

Below, a few images from the show, produced by the San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance:

A gown from Vio Gemini

An intricate jacket with wire detailing by Aya Yuroha and Diane Oo

A leather body piece by Jackie Princeau

A dip-dyed jacket by Homme by Dahae Elyse Kimm

A modern white cloak by Camelia Skikos

A simple tube dress with shoulder piece by Camelia Skikos

Photography courtesy Shaun Tiangsing

Snap Judgment: Ken Chen’s Allure Leather Jacket

Our very-visual, (almost) chatter-free snap judgment of the day: the rebelliously chic Allure Leather Jacket, $950, from San Francisco designer Ken Chen. Check out the matching leather pants for the ultimate biker chic look or take in Chen’s latest during the SFFMA’s Fashion Week Runway Show 3: Avant Garde/Couture on Sunday in San Francisco.

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Knotty Girl: Louisa Parris Launches Accessories

The Zeppelin scarf by Louisa Parris

San Francisco’s Louisa Parris has expanded beyond eveningwear to launch her first-ever accessories collection. Featuring scarves and made-to-order hats, the latest from Parris continues the designer’s love affair with bold, sophisticated graphics.

Featuring thick black stripes and blocks contrasted with muted hues of blue, sea foam green and cream, the silk twill scarves come in two sizes ($195-$275) and draw their inspiration from the geometric designs gracing hot air balloons Parris watched while growing up in Bath, England. Providing a little inspiration of their own for their wearers, each scarf is named for a type of knot.

Upping the ante is a matching hat collection produced in collaboration with milliner Laela Barnard, whom Parris tapped to turn each of her five scarves into sculptural, made-to-order headpieces.

The Zeppelin Disc Hat by Laela Barnard for Louisa Parris

Want to know more about the designer? Check out our previous coverage of Louisa Parris here.

Photography courtesy of Louisa Parris

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What the Hex: Vein & Baby Alpaca Jewelry

Field & Path Hex necklace, $80

Wigman necklace, $79

As part of Vein & Baby Alpaca's collaboration with HUNTER GATHERER, this necklace features porcupine quills, medicine vials, herbs and seeds, an antique locket, horsehair, a silver German brooch, gunmetal chain and feathers.

Should the everyday grind start feeling a little too everyday-ish and tiresome, Vein & Baby Alpaca Jewelry is here to add a touch of the otherworldly to your life with delicate, unisex pieces mixing obscure materials with mystical, poetic backstories.

Variously based in San Francisco and New York, the current line ($80-$320) is a collaboration between Vein founders Lynda Lucas and Genevieve Rainsberger and Baby Alpaca musician and designer Chris Kittrell. Their partnership, begun in 2010, has yielded spellbinding pieces created from such unusual materials as porcupine quills, medicine vials, herbs, seeds and horsehair.

Names like Silkworms & Spiderwebs, White Magic and Moonshine and product copy in the online shop that reads like abstract poetry may conjure thoughts of cauldrons and mysterious nights, but the overall look is far more modern hippie than witchy woman.

Want to see them for yourself? Check out Vein & Alpaca at this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair. You can also follow the label on Tumblr.

The Renegade Craft Fair will take place July 9-10 11 am- 7pm at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion.

Photographs Courtesy of: Vein & Baby Alpaca Jewerly, and Ryan Leitner

Summer Style: Vintage Rocker Chic

Who says a delicate lace top will clash with a pair of grungy hot pink daisy dukes? Embrace your inner local style-loving fashion rebel this season by breaking all the rules.

Mix a pair of 50’s inspired cat-eye sunglasses with a modern body chain or embroidered flats with a laser cut top. While the following pieces from local labels embrace a laid back, warm weather vibe, they can all be styled to suit the temperamental San Francisco climate, making summer style possible despite the rain, wind and fog.

1.) Cat-eye tortoise shell sunglasses, MayFourteenth

2.) Hot pink, custom made shorts, Young Bones

3.) Ivory lace top, Anarchy Street

4.) Vegan-friendly, floral embroidered flats, Campbell x Convert

5.) Body jewelry, Litter SF

6.) Graphic tee, Bandit Brand

7.) Hot pink, laser-cut out top, Nasty Gal

Images courtesy of MayFourteenth, Young Bones, Anarchy Street, Convert Shoes, Litter Jewelry, Bandit Brand and Nasty Gal.

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