Considering the name of this blog, you might think that everything posted here would stick strictly to independent designers in or around San Francisco, stores that carry their work and events that are of interest to the scene. Not true. While, I have no intention of making this a mainstream shopping blog, fashion site or comprehensive guide to San Francisco in any way, I do plan from time to time to post about fashion- and San Francisco-related topics that are completely outside the indie fashion realm. Why? Well, the simplest way to put it is to say that what’s going on in the city andRead More →

Number one, I’m into Sharon Spain’s cool prints and the way she merges minimalism with nature. Seriously. I’m not trying to be deep. Here’s a much better description of her stuff via Daily Candy. But here’s a lovely picture of one pillow design: Oh, above I mentioned number one. Number two – meaning the number two reason for this post – is that I’m trying to get up to speed with using photos on this blog. Quite important.

While it wasn’t packed during the last event, Levende Lounge‘s Funk ‘N Trunk show on the 3rd Sundays each month is worth checking out if you’re into the indie fashion thang. I showed up around 5PM and stayed about an hour. There weren’t a ton of designers showing their stuff, but I did pick up a pair of earrings that I can’t seem to stop wearing. I’m hoping this event gains traction as time goes on.

So here’s a new indie happening to be on the lookout for: Bohemiarama at Cellspace. Apparently, the show will accept pretty much anything you make. If you want a vendor application, contact Here’s a link to the full posting on Craigslist.

I read today that Stitch Lounge is looking for volunteers to staff the store – especially on Sundays. If I could sew, I would jump at the chance to hang out at the lounge and get involved with all the cool sh*te that goes down here…Check out the posting on Craigslist.