May 23, 2015

The Do List: SF Fashion Events Jan. 30-Feb. 5

Three things I generally can’t get enough of: retro-inspired fashion, deals on local designers and getting seriously geeky about blogging. Good thing there’s a little of each one on the horizon this week. The 2nd annual Lesley Evers Studio Sample Sale in Berkeley means a chance to save up to 80 percent on the designer’s v. cute printed dresses, skirts and tops. In San Francisco, I’ll be speaking at Thursday’s FIDM fashion blogging event with Fashionista Lab, Calivintage, FashionablyAshley and iFabbo. Last but not least, Friday’s Girl Power Hour brings a chance to network and unwind at the same time.

See you out and about!

You can find details on all of these events and more happening this week on the SF Indie Fashion Calendar.

Sneak Peek: Can Shopilly End Daily Deal Email Inbox Madness?

A sneak peek at Shopilly, a promising new shopping tool from former eBay execs, left me doing what the welcome screen suggests: reserving my Shopilly ID…before it’s taken. While the allure of being the only “Lorraine” ID (no random numbers at the end! no weird underscores!) was, in and of itself, too good to pass up, I am looking forward to using soon-to-launch tool for other reasons. At the top of the list: if Shopilly works like it’s supposed to, it could mean I never have to look at another deal-related email again.

Of course, I could make that happen for myself next week, if I felt like unsubscribing from about 700,000 email lists. But here’s the thing: I like getting all those deal notifications, newsletters and emails. They save me money. I also write about them, tweet them, share them with readers. So for that, I like them. I just don’t like actually looking at them in my inbox. It’s the information, the discount codes, the dates of the in-store sales themselves that I want – not the actual communique getting them to me.

When it takes on its first members in the next month or so, the San Jose-based company will pull deals from the email accounts you give it access to, save them on Shopilly and even filter the emails from your inbox if you’d that to happen, Shopilly CEO Anirban Datta explained to me as he showed me screenshots of the forthcoming site. While the company wasn’t ready to release screenshots publicly just yet, I can tell you that it looks something like a cleaner, more streamlined version of Pinterest, with each deal or promotional email indicated by an image and saved in a nice scrollable grid format. It means being able to pull anything from the day’s Groupon deal to a sale at Bloomingdale’s into one place, get it out of your email and have access to it on a mobile device when you are shopping I.R.L.

In addition to just saving deals, Shopilly will also have a great many other bells and whistles, including the ability, should you choose to allow it, to alert stores of your presence via mobile device when you are shopping in person and offer you deals based on your purchasing history.

I thought it was an compelling enough idea on its own, but the team behind the project adds to the intrigue: the technical co-founder is eBay’s former chief engineer, Randy Shoup, and there are lots of other interesting folks involved, including people from places like Wharton, StumbleUpon and even a former prof of mine from Stanford.

The company is hoping to amass its beta tester pool from the people signing up to reserve IDs, so if getting in on something early and beta testing like only a shopping bandit can sounds like fun, it could be worth signing up.

For more news and updates about fashion and technology, keep your eyes on @InStyleandTech, a new project from SF Indie Fashion founder Lorraine Sanders. Online home coming soon…

Don’t Call it ‘Frisco: Meagan Reelitz’s Prize-Winning Ring

Diamonds Are in the Cracks Ring by Meagan Reelitz

Oakland jewelry designer Meagan Reelitz

Finding beauty in life’s rough spots never fails to impress. And so much the better if that beauty happens to involve diamonds and San Francisco. That’s just what you’ll find sparkling away in Oakland designer Meagan Reelitz‘s Diamonds Are in the Cracks ring, the grand prize winner in the Jewelry Artisan’s Collective 2011 Design Challenge. The most recent installment of the annual jewelry challenge asked designers to create work inspired by the San Francisco experience and the theme, “Don’t Call it ‘Frisco.”

Using earthquakes as her starting point (and that’s about as real-deal San Francisco as it gets), Reelitz created a piece with both style and historical substance.

“I took the seismographic report from the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake and altered it to fit nicely on a ring band of sterling silver. I then hand-sawed the report into the band. I set 5 diamonds within the cracks,” Reelitz says of her process.

Stay tuned for news of Reelitz’s upcoming exhibition at Maiden Lane’s Manika Jewelry.

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Cute Underthings for Cold Chicks: Snoa Lingerie (Plus, It’s Eco!)

There’s a reason hot and sexy often end up in the same sentence and frigid bitches in the literal sense have a tendency to act, well, like frigid bitches in the figurative sense. It’s the same reason goosebumping it up in lingerie is a fate most of us leave to models, who get paid to do things like that. Bringing a sweatpant alternative to your next close encounter of the winter kind is Snoa Lingerie, a local company whose sleep and loungewear aims to offer warmth alongside sex appeal.

Billed as “sexy sleepwear for chilly nights,” the line from Anh Oppenheimer, a documentary filmmaker who realized the need for the line when she found herself donning a negligee and socks, and California College of the Arts fashion design instructor Susan Robinson ranges from long underwear-inspired basics to signature items that includes a bell-sleeved nightie with a plunging neckline, a spaghetti strapped red chemise and a bamboo fleece shrug for covering up exposed arms without going the big, schlumpy dad sweater route (you know you’ve done it). Decidedly on the ladylike end of the demure to sizzling hot spectrum, the line strikes us as more every-night wear than let’s-rekindle-that-old-dead-fire fodder. But that’s fine by us (besides, isn’t it what happens on your average ‘ole night that really counts?).

Pieces are made using double layers of fabric for added warmth, and a focus on eco-friendly materials means fabrics like silk hemp, modal and wool jersey, as well as local production at a facility in San Francisco.

“It seemed the most eco friendly thing to do,” says Oppenheimer of the choice to manufacture close to home. “No ships, no trucks. Also, we could make sure that the facility is a fair one in terms of wages and conditions….I can shake the hand of the woman running the shop, we can take one garment back if there’s a few errant stitches and they’ll fix it up for us quickly. It’s a good feeling.”

To see Snoa in person, you’ll find a few pieces available at Workshop on Union Street, and you can warm up to the full line in the online shop.

Photography courtesy of Jan Hammock for Snoa Lingerie

The Do List: San Francisco Fashion Events Jan. 9-15

Now that ’12 is officially underway (’cause we all know the first week doesn’t really count), San Francisco fashion events are popping up after a holiday hiatus. This week, we’re betting local fashion fans will carve out time for the launch event of a new fashion and technology accelerator program, the second SF Fashion + Tech event and the always-fun annual sample sale at the Oakland studio of Verrieres & Sako.

You can find details on all of these events and more happening this week on the SF Indie Fashion Calendar.