May 30, 2015

Mariele Ivy Jewelry

Mariele Williams is a San Francisco independent jewelry designer and artist. Her pieces are unique creations inspired by “symbiosis of humans and their environment” as she mentions in her biography. Mariele’s work is inspired by nature and her home state Montana. In her collections you can’t find two pieces that are alike and the materials she works with are mostly her family’s and friends’ finds from Montana region: feather, fossil, wood or leather. I am personally a huge fan of the rawness of her design, the story behind each piece and remarkable craftsmanship.

Mariele Ivy-Custom Jewelry

Beautiful feather earrings.

Mariele Ivy-Custom Jewelry

Mariele Ivy-Custom Jewelry

Leather Collection

Mariele Ivy-Custom Jewelry

Wood Collection

Mariele Ivy-Custom Jewelry

Mariele Ivy-Custom Jewelry

Mariele Ivy-Custom Jewelry

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Leather Feathers and More from Mariele Williams


Ready for an afternoon challenge? Of course you are. Try saying “leather feather” to yourself on repeat. While you’re playing with that one, get a load of these leather feathers by Mariele Williams, a local artist and designer we were amped to get a chance to chat with this week.

As Lorraine wrote on the 7× Glamwatch blog yesterday, Mariele creates jewelry using feathers and skins from fallen animals sourced from her family in Montana, as well as wood she shapes and cuts using the band saw that currently resides in her bedroom. Yes, her bedroom.

But don’t worry, her band-mate neighbors are even louder, she reports. While they’re rocking out until the wee hours in the SoMa apartment upstairs, Williams does her woodworking and jewelry-making until she can’t keep her eyes open any longer and collapses into bed. And though she likes San Francisco living, the 21-year-old says she’d rather be a hermit living in some wild, forgotten spot where she could do her art in peace and then jet into town as business beckoned.

We dig her focus on sustainability and recycling found materials, as well as her diehard artist’s spirit. How can you not respect a girl who’s totally cool with sawdust covering her bedroom floor and a pheasant carcass tossed across her desk?

You can check out Mariele’s work in person by visiting her at Lower Haight boutique doe, where she’s an artist-in-residence and also an employee, as well as at Divisadero Street antiques shop The Perish Trust. You’ll also find her work for sale online in her etsy shop.

Click through for more shots of Mariele’s work…

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We Came, We Saw, We Shopped: Indie Mart

A gorgeous sunny summer Sunday, a slew of designers and a crowd hungry for beer and D.I.Y. set the stage for last weekend’s Indie Mart at Thee Parkside in lower Potrero. After an eight-month hiatus, the well-attended event, a fundraiser for founder Kelly Malone’s ongoing cancer treatments, was back with gusto and a serious assortment of independent designers displaying their latest.

We strolled through the outdoor market, past groups eagerly hovering over the make-your-own terrarium table and digging into locally-made edibles near the entrance, to find a pop-up from on-the-move shop Shotwell, new work from designer Mariele Williams, a selection of super bargain-priced samples from Turk + Taylor, cute onesies and tees from Animal Instincts, tribal necklaces from Rachael Kinsey Designs and striking steel earrings from Push Pull Designs, among many others.

Below, a few pics from our adventure.

Mariele Williams shows off accessories from her Mariele Ivy line.

Williams creates necklaces, headpieces and earrings that combine natural materials, chains and antique sensibilities.

Notably on-trend for fall, tribal elements were easy to spot in jewelry from Rachel Kinsey Designs.

While prepping for its new space to open, Shotwell brought a selection of offerings, including lots of vintage pieces, to the event.

As for the new location's opening date, we were told it could be any moment, though there is still some building out to do. So keep your eyes trained on the shop's Facebook page if you're one of the many waiting with baited breath.

Animal Instincts owner Jamai Lowell with his apparel line featuring original sketches, many of which include San Francisco icons. As you might guess, we're big fans of the Sutro design and its "play locally" missive.

The Turk + Taylor crew: designers Mark Lee Morris and Andrew Soernsen with friend Camilla Thompson.

Jewelry from Push Pull Designs achieves its bright-meets-rugged look by using pigment and rust on thin steel shapes.

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