7 Sweet & Local Etsy Mother’s Day Finds

It’s always tough to find something for the World’s Greatest Mother, but you can do it. We suggest something thoughtful, perhaps useful, but most importantly, aesthetically pleasing. We found seven sweet Mother’s Day gifts made by locals in our recent etsy adventures:

Some etsy sellers may even be willing to allow local pick-up, so you can still grab a unique gift in time for Sunday. Just message the seller and ask before you buy.

1. Parisian Macaron Variety Gift Set, $20


Show your undying love with a 15-piece set of assorted macarons. Each comes with five flavors and is completely gluten-free. You’ll have Mom eating out of the palm of your hand.

2. Teal Maiden Succulent Hanging Terrarium , $34.99


There are fruit fads (acai, pomegranate…), but these days it’s the succulent terrarium leading the way in trendy house decor. This low maintenance and personalized orb will withstand any not-so-green thumbs it may come into contact with it: it only needs attention every week or so.

3. Antique Jewelry Stand, $95.50

Store jewelry or serve tiny treats in a charming way. This stand is handmade usingnew and antique dishes. Adding to the versatility, the top knob is magnetic and can be removed to slip rings on for easy storage.

4. Hand Crafted Rubber Heart Stamp , $9.95


Give mom a personalized love note or cards with this rubber stamp set or gift her the stamp. She’ll have a new outlet to share her love for you after your next uh-oh incident.

5. Sunset Moth Framed Insect Art, $38


Maybe you’ve given Mom the same three things over the past 10 years. Mix it up this time around with a framed butterfly display made by a profesh entomologist (serious bug experts).

6. Aqua Mint, Vintage Inspired Earrings, $18.50


Maybe the best way to your mother’s heart is through jewelry? Try a pair of vintage-inspired earrings with Amazonite stones hung below antique floral and stem filigrees.

7. Personalized Hand Stamped Tokens, $42


Sure, new moms these days are quick to buy necklaces personalized with the names of their kids. Treat your mom to the trend and remind her that she’s got a permanent fan club by gifting her with a hand-stamped sterling tag necklace. You can dress it up by switching out the chain.

Whatever you choose, we hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect something for that awesome mom of yours.

Photos courtesy of Etsy.com