News Recap: McQueen’s Sarah Burton & Milliner Philip Treacy Visit AAU
Academy's Fashion Director Simon Ungless (left) moderates a discussion with McQueen's Sarah Burton and Academy President Elisa Stephens (right).

Last week, the Academy of Art University welcomed two exciting guests of honor to its annual fashion show and surrounding events: Alexander McQueen Creative Director Sarah Burton and Milliner Philip Treacy.

Heads of the Academy led a symposium on Wednesday for students that featured the two fashion all-stars discussing the late Alexander McQueen, Isabella Blow and the future of fashion.

Philip Treacy has designed hats for, well, essentially everyone. The list includes Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Chanel haute couture collections, to name a few. And then there’s his work for Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex & the City and, of course, the “fascinator” that Princess Beatrice wore to the Royal Wedding.

“I find inspiration most in pop culture, newspapers and magazines. It’s fine if you want to look back and research, but I look most at what is happening around me…Fashion is movement,” Treacy told students.

Sarah Burton, who stepped in to takeover Alexander McQueen’s position after his death in 2010, was a highly-anticipated speaker at the Academy. She did not disappoint.

“Encouragement is important for young people…You may not be creating things that everyone likes, but the important thing is to inspire people to dress,” she told the audience.
Elisa Stephens (left) and Executive Directer of Fashion Glady Perint Palmer tell Milliner Philip Treacy, "It's difficult to kiss someone while wearing your hat."

Photography by Sara Iravani

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