Happy New Year! What’s New at SF Indie Fashion

Welcome to 2012. I’m excited about the year ahead. This time of year is all about new beginnings, so it seems like as good a time as any to mention a few changes afoot for SF Indie Fashion. Here are a few things to expect in the coming weeks and months:

– First and foremost, we’ll remain devoted to local, independent Bay Area fashion. Putting a spotlight on new and notable designers, collections, products, fashion events, small retailers, startup companies and fashion scene personalities has always been the purpose of the site and will continue to be.

– More coverage of fashion and technology on the site. As I continue to cover more and more stories involving the convergence of fashion and technology in the Bay Area and beyond, I’m looking forward to sharing more posts and news tied to these ideas (always with a local focus, of course).

– Shorter event posts. Instead of a lengthy Do List that’s been running every Monday for as long as I can remember, the post will be shorter and quicker. You’ll still find details about all the upcoming San Francisco fashion events we can find on the SF Indie Fashion Calendar.

– Fewer posts in January 2012 and possibly on into the spring. I’ve got a new project in the works that I’m extremely excited about, and it needs some extra attention over the next few weeks. And with teaching at the Academy of Art, writing my Style Bytes column and covering fashion for the San Francisco Chronicle, writing freelance stories elsewhere, prepping my next Journalism Basics for Bloggers workshop at the SF Writers’ Grotto, a handful of amazing consulting clients and, oh, you know, wrangling my 16-month-0ld spitfire, the time has to come from somewhere. With any luck, what ends up on this site will be better (if a little leaner) because of the changes.

Cheers and thanks for all the support over the years,


SF Indie Fashion founder and editor, www.lorrainesanders.com

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Photo by Christophe Tomatis

  • Ambersmouthwash

    Very excited for this new year Lorraine! I look forward to what you will bring us in 2012.