May 23, 2015

Style + Tech: iFabbo Blogger Network Embraces CMP.LY

You may very well start seeing little badges like these pop up on your favorite style blogs in the near future. What are they? Compliance badges from CMP.LY, which aims to make fashion and beauty blogger and social content more transparent through a new partnership with San Francisco-based blogger network iFabbo.

So what’s it to you? Well, for blog readers, it means that there may soon be a more standardized system for defining the relationship between bloggers and the products and companies they cover. For bloggers, the badge system is an easy way to stamp your posts and stay in compliance with FTC regulations surrounding paid or sponsored content.

While many bloggers already dutifully mark their posts with messages to readers that mention when they’ve received products, services or payment, this system may make the process faster, and it can also be easily shared via a short link added to tweets, Facebook and other social communications.

Of course, whether these badges become quick visual cues to readers, much like the Creative Commons copyright icons are to many consumers of online media these days, depends on how widespread the adoption is, which, in turn, depends to a certain degree on how many bloggers decide to actually comply with existing disclosure policies.

Not sure what the FTC rules for bloggers actually are? You can delve into them here. Also, iFabbo (International Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Organization) plans to offer educational webinars to its members. You can apply to join the group here.

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