• Lena

    I have used this product and can I tell you they are great! I’m a busy mom of two kids (2yr and 4yr) and work full time. These nail prints stay on for a long time- even longer if you apply one coat of clear on top. Through showers and dishes and typing they stay on. Make sure to work out the creases with the wood stick provided after a few tries you’ll be a pro when applying the prints. Quick- Easy- Fun Count me in!!! Thank for a great product.

    By the way- my 2yr old daugher likes them too. No drying time- yes!

  • Joy Marilla

    I love this product! It’s easy, convenient and fun! If you can be fashionable with clothes, now, you can too with your nails.

  • As a decorative painter, my nails are ALWAYS brittle and have paint on them.  After finding these I’m able to apply the stickers while I’m in the car with my husband going on a date!  I’ve found my nails have gotten stronger, and are less brittle since they are protected by the stickers from the paint.  Another bonus is that since there is no chemicals, it’s great for those with asthma! These stickers are a WIN WIN situation! LOVE THEM!!!