May 22, 2015

Knotty Girl: Louisa Parris Launches Accessories

The Zeppelin scarf by Louisa Parris

San Francisco’s Louisa Parris has expanded beyond eveningwear to launch her first-ever accessories collection. Featuring scarves and made-to-order hats, the latest from Parris continues the designer’s love affair with bold, sophisticated graphics.

Featuring thick black stripes and blocks contrasted with muted hues of blue, sea foam green and cream, the silk twill scarves come in two sizes ($195-$275) and draw their inspiration from the geometric designs gracing hot air balloons Parris watched while growing up in Bath, England. Providing a little inspiration of their own for their wearers, each scarf is named for a type of knot.

Upping the ante is a matching hat collection produced in collaboration with milliner Laela Barnard, whom Parris tapped to turn each of her five scarves into sculptural, made-to-order headpieces.

The Zeppelin Disc Hat by Laela Barnard for Louisa Parris

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Photography courtesy of Louisa Parris

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