Runway Recap: Pret-A-Porter 2011

The crowd watches the runway during Pret-A-Porter 2011 at Madrone Studios. (Photo: Shaun Tsiangsing)

Last week’s Pret-A-Porter 2011 drew an eager audience to the all-white interiors of Madrone Studios, where models hit the runway donning looks from Alphyn Industries, Anya Tatarenko, Carole Wang, Frankees Samad, Kajan Padraig, LHC Couture, WorkPlayDate and Sonas Denim.

Both menswear and women’s apparel and accessories were on display at the San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance show. They ranged from the gadget-friendly apparel of Alphyn Industries, whose casual tops and bottoms offer built-in pockets and sleeves for iPads and iPhones, to the vintage-minded dresses of Anya Tatarenko and the bright, popping prints that appeared in apparel from both Kajan Padraig and Frankees Samad. Local jewelery line Sasha Maks Vintage joined in at the last minute with dramatic pieces that accompanied Tatarenko’s presentation, while WorkPlayDate accessories amped up the feminine basics from Lauren Hyde Crafford’s LHC Couture.

Standouts included a printed romper and a teal and gray cap-sleeve dress by up-and-coming San Francisco designer Kajan Padraig, as well as the modern take on traditional dress presented by Frankees Samad. Both Sasha Maks Vintage and WorkPlayDate impressed with their bold, yet versatile statement necklaces, as did Tatarenko’s easy pairing of contrasting prints and textured fabrics. — Additional reporting by Lindsay Harte

Below, we highlight a few images from the show.

Charleston Pierce (left) looks on, as apparel by Anya Tatatrenko and jewelry by Sasha Maks Vintage head down the runway (Photo: Shaun Tsiangsing).

Kadran Padraig's cap-sleeve dress paired intricate shoulder detailing with a two-toned slash effect on the skirt. (Photo: Ron Fulcher)
A belted v-neck top flows overtop a fitted skirt by LHC Couture.
A tissue-thin tank juxtaposes dressy trouser shorts by Kadran Padraig (Photo: Jeffry Raposas)
Smartphones fit in the sleeve of this top from Alphyn Industries. (Photo: Jeffrey Raposas)
This printed romper by Kadran Padraig featured a fitted waist and practical pockets. (Photo: Ron Fulcher)

Frankees Samad paired harem pants in high impact purple with a slouchy printed top layered over long sleeves.
Juicy colors and traditional silhouettes made for an eye-catching presentation from Frankees Samad (Photo: Jeffry Raposas)

Photography courtesy of Shaun Tsiangsing, Ron Fulcher and Jeffry Raposas and for the San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance