May 23, 2015

Local Fashion Leader’s Battle Against Cancer

Anyone who’s rattled around the San Francisco independent fashion scene in recent years has no doubt experienced the D.I.Y.-driven, all-indie, uber-creative and, above all else, intensely fun projects of Kelly Malone, founder of Indie Mart shopping events and creative space Workshop. A stalwart supporter of the local, independent design scene, Malone now needs support of her own to fight an ongoing battle with cancer.

A survivor of previous cancer battles, Malone was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer in April and lacks adequate health insurance to cover treatment costs. She headed back to the hospital this week for a new round of surgeries. You can read more details about Malone’s struggle in the latest Indie Mart post.

Since founding Indie Mart in 2007 in her Mission backyard, Malone has been hugely influential in helping the local creative, D.I.Y. and independent fashion movement thrive in San Francisco. Her events have low (only a $2 donation is often all that’s requested) admission, affordable vendor fees and almost no corporate sponsorship (PBR has been the major backer). But more than that, her events and Workshop space have given those who want to shop independent and local, learn new crafts and have a damn good time while doing it places to gather and more than ample good times.

Through the Help Kelly Kick Cancer for Good fundraising page, Malone hopes to raise $15,000 to cover the costs of treatment. If you’d like to contribute to the fund for this longtime cheerleader for all that’s local and indie, you can donate via Paypal.

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