May 28, 2015

First Look: Sarah Liller Debuts Spring/Summer ’11

Indulge your inner Janis J. with Monica lace bell bottoms or opt for the breezy charm of the ruffle-hemmed Julia mini-dress.

Sometimes you have to look back to move forward. That’s certainly the case for Parsons grad and current local Sarah Liller, who drew on the fashion of her 90′s youth to create a debut apparel collection for spring/summer that’s full of lace and innocent detail mixed with daring cut-outs and sheer panels.

“The collection is inspired by me, as a woman in my mid-20′s, looking back on myself as a teenager. There are the young, girlish aspects – the pastels, ruffles, and kind of 90′s-looking silhouettes – and then the sexier, more confident aspects of the collection – me now – the lace, sheer and the cut-outs. I was trying to balance the two, and it arose from me listening to a lot of the Smashing Pumpkins and Third Eye Blind again,” Liller tells us.

Currently available by order through Liller’s web site, offerings ($85-$300) range from a demure pair of cotton lined lace shorts to the youthfully bohemian Darcy blouse in silk with lace detailing on the back and at the hem. Edgier pieces include lace bellbottoms and the Yulya dress, whose shoulder cut-outs and sheer skirt create a look that’s ethereal, yet vampy at the same time.

A few pics from the collection:

Scalloped textural details strike a balance with loose, easy-going silhouettes.

Erica dress (leff) and Yulya dress both feature shoulder cut-outs and lace detailing.

A color palette of pale pastels and crisp white and black creates a striking contrast.

The cropped hem of the Faith top balances the wide, loose sleeves and a thigh-dusting strand of pearls.

The crushed velvet Alana jacket and Olga skirt play with shape and structure, while elastic waist Christine shorts pair with sleeveless Darcy blouse for a casual, beachy summer look.

Photography courtesy of H & A Photography for Sarah Liller; models, Alana Gabrielle and Julia Ann Conley; hair and makeup, Hannah Boone.

  • Amy Milbrandt

    very cool!

    • SF Indie Fashion

      thanks for the comment – we think so too…

  • Amanda

    I LOVE The flower Doc Martens in the last pic! I wish I still owned mine, if nothing for the fact that I’m going to Burning Man this year :)
    I just recently went through a My So-Called Life marathon so I’m totally pining for a return to the 90s. ugh!

    • SF Indie Fashion

      i have fond memories of my docs from high school. i thought they were SO f-ing cool.

  • Hannah Boone

    Sarah is an amazing talent and a lot of fun to have on set. I’m super impressed with this collection too!

    • SF Indie Fashion

      glad to hear you like it – i thought the images were also quite impressive…great styling and images always finish off the whole package.