Pretty + Weaved: Stephanie Hamilton at The Museum of Craft + Folk Art

More than  a few evenings ago, as our late San Francisco summer was turning a cold shoulder, an assortment of weaved necklaces, earrings and bracelets by Stephanie Hamilton were just waiting to be worn at The Museum of Craft and Folk Art.  Currently, the museum, tucked inside the cozy art hub of Yerba Buena Center is featuring an exhibition called Volver which is a contemporary collection of Mexican folk art that combats the serious issues of violence  and immigration deportation with a light hearted revival of traditional Mexican art.  Even lighter though, is Stephanie’s jewelry which lays happily in the sunny gift shop of this eclectic and cultural space with an inviting openness  and appreciation for original art work.  Like the art inside the museum, Miss Hamilton’s work lends it’s self to the truly unique handmade variety of art that is both rare and seamlessly well made.  Above my friend Tracy and I play dress up inside the museum in some of Stephanie’s jewelry.

Jewelry by Stephanie Hamilton at The Museum of Craft and Folk Art; 51 Yerba Buena  lane, San Francisco, CA 94103; Dress by Danielle Pettee; Photo by Moja Ma’at; Models, Michelle Ruiz + Tracy Boyd; Hair + Make up by Ben Ramirez and Tiffany Fan.

  • Diving Cat Studio Gallery features Stephanie Hamilton Jewelry….it is always a show stopper….a beautiful and creative statement.