You’ve Got the Cocktail Dress. Now Get the Skillz.

Recently we ran a piece – Holiday Spirits: Shake up Your Look with These Local Cocktail Dresses – on party dresses from local sources, something that I often find myself thinking about this time of year. But instead of just standing there and looking pretty, I’m always a fan of having skills. And what better skills could one possibly have to go along with a dy-no-mite dress than some serious cocktail-concocting know-how?

A place to raise your level of cocktail awareness before the onslaught of end-of-year festivities? The Boothby Center, home of the Barbary Coast Conservancy of the American Cocktail.

Taught by BCCAC founder H. Joseph Ehrmann, the center’s 2-hour Mixology 101 classes take place this week and next.

So you can not only dress to impress, but just plain impress.