A Little Bit of Love From Larissa Verdussen of Rag Doll Designs

Last months’ fall photo shoot for Larissa Verdussens’ lovely line of edgy (yet comfortable) adornments has me giddy with excitement.  Rag Doll Designs allows one to look stylishly aloof and yet utterly sexy while revealing just a sliver of skin. I can speak truly of the line after having worn the pieces myself.  I didn’t want to get out of them and they made me want to stand up straight and feel taller.  The best part about this collection? It seems to be A-seasonal (a term I just made up) meaning you can wear it all year long and still look  fabulous. Try it on darlings  you won’t want to get out of it.

This  post originally appeared on Modelina Michelle

Outfit by Ragdoll Designs at Loft1513 Boutique; Photo by Nican Robinson; Hair + Makeup by Sadya Senior; Styling by Minah Lee; Modeled by Michelle Ruiz