What a Wonderful World: Birthday Dress by Ikohl Designs

I hadn’t an idea that my twenty sixth birthday party would be more than just me and my sisters singing around an ice cream cake, so you’d better believe I was surprised when more than forty people showed up at my tiny marina apartment. Granted it was the day before Halloween, but everyone there was so sweet and nice and brought some really nice gifts. When people asked me what I was dressed as, I turned my head, smiled and said “I’m a birthday girl”. I later came up with the idea that I resembled The American Girl Doll,  Samantha on her birthday so I added that into the mix. That along with my Bi-Rite ice cream cake and the boy who held my hand as I blew out the candle made my birthday the best one yet.  Above I am wearing a one of a kind dress by Ikhol designs.  I hope I get to keep this dress for the rest of my life.

Dodging a vampire kiss

This article originally appeared on Modelina Michelle Photos by Wendy Moya and Meagan Ruiz