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  • disappointed

    What? Mission Local is a product of UC Berkeley (a state school funded with all our tax dollars) at which students in their grad school of journalism pay pretty hefty tuition fees to work on the site.

    I'm a HUGE fan of SFIndieFashion, and hearing you say that buying one of these t-shirts will "support local journalism" is a big disappointment, because it's misleading and wrong.

    Please reconsider your endorsement of this effort — there are lots of local news organizations (that are actually part of the communities they report on!) that could use your and your readers' $15 of support.

    • lorrainesanders

      Hi –

      Thanks for the comment – I hear you about the fact that Mission Loc@l may be less in need of funds than some other hyper-local news efforts because of its relationship with UC Berkeley. That said, I am personally all for any effort to fund or support local news – journalism these days is really threatened by the lack of available dollars to pay working journalists to do real, responsible news coverage. As a working journalist (that's what I do in addition to running SF Indie Fashion), I'm very aware of how little organizations want to pay their writers – and that directly affects what stories are possible for journalists to pursue – and that, in turn, has a major effect on communities and what information is available to the public.

      Mission Loc@l aside, back to your point – that there are other worthy news organization that could use and deserve readers' support (monetary or otherwise): do you have any sites or organizations that you can recommend? If any other news organizations have a fund-raising effort that dovetails with fashion or style, I'm ready and willing to cover their news/t-shirts, etc. in the future. And feel free to list any news sites you think are really worthy here in the comments so we can direct readers their way.

      Again thanks for taking the time to comment and speak your mind!

    • Disappointed. You are right. Mission Loc@l is a UC Berkeley project, but in many ways it has morphed into a community effort. We train reporters from UC Berkeley’s graduate school of journalism and anyone else who walks through the door – from SF State, City College and residents. Our deal with all is the same – if they are getting class credit, they get loads of editing, guidance and the use of our equipment in exchange for their stories.
      UC Berkeley pays my salary nine months a year and when students or other interns are working during breaks or the summer, we pay them – not a lot, but something.
      I have lived in the Mission since 1997 and I encourage students to live here while they cover the community because the experience is so much richer. This isn't always possible, but many end up here and some come from here.
      All of the money for the Mission office comes from funds that I have been able to raise independent of Berkeley and I've done this hoping that we'll be able to do a good enough job so that the community will support us.
      Berkeley simply doesn't have the funds to support anything beyond my salary and a one-year fellowship for a reporter. But it takes more to run a site. So, we’ve tried many fund raising efforts – an iPhone app, t-shirts, resource maps and now this pocket guide, My Mission. Who knows what will work and if you have any ideas, please send them on.
      And yes, you are right – this isn't the only effort out there. It's one of several experiments – all of which deserve support.
      Best, Lydia Chavez
      Managing Editor and yes, UC Professor.

      • lorrainesanders

        Thanks for the response and the clarification, Lydia – glad you have given readers more insight into Mission Loc@l.

  • M and M

    These are wonderful. The photographer is amazing–well done. I'll be getting one asap.

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