• Nice outfit, love the fact that you got them on ebay. How do you know what is your size?

    • Thank you for the question. It can be risky to get something on ebay that you are not sure if it's going to fit you. I only buy my favorite brands that I'm certain will fit me. I just know that any Small jacket from BCBG is going to fit. It's much harder with pants and unless I know the fit of a certain brand I won't risk it. I just know if some brands run big or true to size. I have made some mistakes though and I bought things that didn't fit me right and I had to sell them but I've learned my lesson and now I only commit to buying clothes and brands I know.

  • Michelle Ruiz

    I love this outfit post. It makes me feel like fall. I love the idea of shopping on ebay but have never been brave enough to do it. Great going! Way to be green!

    • streetmoda

      Thank you. Shopping on Ebay is fun but it can be very time consuming and addictive.